Complaint against an individual in Classic Race

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    Complaint against an individual in Classic Race

    I am filing a complaint against a player called Fujikian or something similar to that name. This following player is behaving inappropriately against following members, not only that but Fujikian also doesn't attend to try to finish the map when all of the racers are dead and he is the only one left. Which leads to that we all have to wait 5 minutes just for the map to finish. I am so tired of this bs and so are the other players too. And there are literally no active admins which pisses me the most off because they cant help us. This leaves us waiting for one scrub to stand there for 5 minutes trying to irritate us

    Either accept more active admins or ban this guy.... Please...

    Sincerely SeeZ aka FerskeN
    At the moment we cant do sthg about it. Do you or a friend of yours got the possibility to record it, so we got a proof and can punnish him?

    We try to be more active on United these days but ye we got a lack of members there. Anyways due to this its probably easier to become a trial as United player today as long as u write a proper application and got the requirements.