Application Regarded to the staff team by SeeZ aka ferskeN

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      Application Regarded to the staff team by SeeZ aka ferskeN

      Birthdate: 21.03.1998

      Country: Norway

      Languages: English, Norwegian, Learning German in school (understand little bit)

      Contact-Information: || E-Mail: || Skype: || Email:

      Something about your MTA-Career: I, first of all, started playing GTA SA back in 2008 and I'm pretty familiar with the game with past experiences. I started playing the MTA version of the game from 2011. I've been in the admin team In different servers although not similar to this server but a roleplaying one.
      In 2011: I started to play a roleplaying server for approximately 5 years, and that's where it all started for me. It was a German server where I gained my experience to learn a bit of knowledge to speak German and as well as improve my English. I was capable of being an admin on that server and I took the opportunity for myself to tend to apply for it, and yet I did. I haven't been active on several servers, to be honest, the other one and NeonGaming are the ones ive favorited the most. And now
      im here willing to apply for the admin team.

      Why do you want to join Neon?: To be fair, I really want to tend to help members in the game as well as keeping the server clean as possible. I recently made a complaint about how a guy started insulting all of us and how he tried "wasting time" in the classic race mode. People like that I would definitely like to take care of. And since there aren't that many active Admins I would love to apply because I am pretty much often online and like to dedicate my time to this game. Also, I mentioned that I have past experiences from different admin teams, which is kinda a good bonus, I guess.

      However, not only this. But I also want to be apart of this community, getting to know new people and build my relationship with members on this server. And definitely, have a wonderful time here with nice people.

      How can you support Neon or the community?: By dedicating my time into managing the server and try to avoid people who are inappropriately being rude to others. And perhaps coming up with new ideas about the server. Overall I state that managing would be my main source. Although i'd be pleased to help other players as well, that is what i've applied for after all.

      !!!Sorry for the edits, my colorcodes keep messing up so I need to keep editing in order to fix this!!!

      Im hoping for positive feedbacks, thank you so much for reading. Sincerely Seez.

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