Arrivederci folks

      Arrivederci folks

      Huh you didn't expect this did you ?! :bitchplease: BAZINGA! ... No, i am serious actually :pokerface: As the title says this is kind of thread that belongs to the category of not-happy-events.

      I am not really into emotional farewells so i will try to make it short :okay:
      Neon gave me great experience, however my path ends here, but i am really grateful to all of you, for the chance you gave me, being a part of this amazing clan and a community ! You deserve more, and your loyalty is truly remarkable. There were moments when this community was experiencing some issues, but Gandalf always came and saved the day :okay: ... ehm .. i meant that we always found the solution :bitchplease:

      There is multiple reasons why i am leaving .... I have a feel, that i just can't offer anything to you, as a member. Just sitting around and banning tards in the server :bitchplease: Another reason is that i would like to move on, in all aspects ! ... Well, hopefully i will stay active in carball.

      Thanks for everything and live in peace !
      Let the force be with you fellas, take care ! :foreveralone:

      Well.. it took me totally for suprise :lol: For me you were one of the best members., even if we got in some stupid fight, we always respected each other and thats why i am sad to see your leaving...

      I can understand your feeling, because i had several times when i left the clan in the past for the same reason but here i am again :bitchplease:

      i wish you good luck in your life and take care you too!

      PD: we will see in the MTT :P
      "How Great I am "

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      For me it isn't really a surprise since you told me what your intentions were.
      For being told these and other events in the past, I'm really glad I was able to earn your trust.
      See you lad, I wish you the best of luck in the next adventure of yours and I am really glad to have met you although we had our differences in the past but got really along in our last months together. Hopefully we will still have the chance to talk in the future in this game or any other.
      Thanks to @Rio for the signature.
      Huh, well in that case... Sayonara!

      I had a feeling in the last few months, that it was only a matter of time.
      I guess I'll still see you on the server (if I ever come online :okay: ).
      "People already got banned for less." - Bass

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      I'm never sure if to "like" these leave threads, so by liking your thread I support your choise. :likeasir:

      Hope you'll keep in touch, bb now :okay:
      Have a good life :cry:
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