CM Acceptance Vote #14 (Daemonik) (cancelled)

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    CM Acceptance Vote #14 (Daemonik) (cancelled)

    Should Deamonik become a Community Member? 6
      Yes (4) 67%
      No (2) 33%
    This is the fourteenth community member acceptance vote.
    This nomination for this vote comes from me.

    Deamonik was a loyal member for 2 years now and always a respected and liked person in the clan and on the server. As he left his rank as United Member but is still interested to be part of this community and clan, i would like to nominate him as Community Member.

    To get accepted an applicant needs at least 60% for Yes.
    You can see in the Memberlist who currently is Community Member. There's no minimum or maximum amount of applicants that need to or may be accepted.

    Please participate, if you're a Community Member.

    The vote will end on the 3rd of September, 2017, 00:00 CEST/GMT+2
    >> Community Member <<
    Well to be honest, when Barba came with this idea after i left, it sounded quite weird to me. I did not regret what i did, i simply didn't want to be bounded anymore. So yea seeing this feels strange to everyone including me i believe.
    When Barba told me she wanted to do it, i was like "okay, if you want you can do that." I did not come with this idea, as i thought my time is done here.
    On another hand i do care about the community, i never stopped to care. But this surprises me as all of you, i guess. And... i do not know what to say, i just look like an idiot right now D: Not that i reject this, it will be honor to wear community member rank. But yea i really did not count with this, to be honest.

    Sincerely, i will understand everyone who might vote no, in the end, i am in doubts by myself and feels embarrassed. :bean:
    I appreciate this acceptance vote, though, thanks Barbie! <3

    With love,

    Community Member

    Who shows much interest or even engagement for the clan and likes to communicate with our members and therefore is already kind of a member of the community, may get accepted as Community Member by our members to profit from our general members' advantages.

    activity in the community
    interest in the clan
    nomination by a Member
    election by Community Members

    Majority Rights:
    acceptance and exclusion of Community Members

    Not sure if I'd call this "much interest or engagement" however I think he will stay in touch and is a fine person to award this rank. It's basically quitting without quitting. And I don't mind keeping this lad around :bean:
    For what the Cme rank was built for I think Daemonik fits the painting well :)
    I'm sure he'll be online more frequently than Mattes :bitchplease:
    [img][/img] Image not found! :trollface:
    As Deamonik told me that he wants to keep the option to join another clan in future wich isnt possible with the cm rank I have to close this thread unfortunatly. But i guess the door is always open for you :okay:
    >> Community Member <<

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