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    2v2 Season-Poll

    Would you participate in the 1st 2v2-Season of Carball? 19
      Yes, I'm in! (14) 74%
      Not really, sorry. (5) 26%
    Good night lads,

    in the past days (okay in just 1 match i played :bitchplease:) ive got an idea for a new season which could be interresting and fun. At the beginning i want to say that there were some problems with the last season i organized yes and im sorry for that what happened, but in my opinion Neon Carball isnt running that good and in these hard times i think we should keep together and forgive each other.

    Well, much worths but little sense: I with Rad got a fully developed idea about a whole 2v2 season with very little effort, much fun, new innovations and with expected 18 teams in 3 Leagues. Sounds at beginning a bit much if you see the activity and we dont even have that much clubs, but leave this to me and ill tell you soon how we could reach this. I just want to know from everyone IF YOU would be interrested in a 2v2 season to participate with your best homie in a new way of season to climb the ladder of success?

    Very short facts about what would come to you all:
    - A season with 3 Leagues a 6 Teams (min. 24 , max 36 participants)
    - The season lasts 6 weeks
    - Already formed "Clubs" based on the city names of GTA San Andreas like "Los Santos Galaxy" (Burak a. Drogbas Idea) or "Doherty United" with their "club hype"
    - New titles and a season system with the chance to have very much teams participating (more than 8 we had in the major 3v3 seasons)

    And keep it mind, that this 2v2 season is just to keep the 2v2 attractive (and the gamemode at all) and to bring the players back to our beautiful carball we once had! In my opinion we could try it atleast with 1 season as it lasts only 6 weeks and if you enjoyed it at all, we could also think about much more seasons. :)