100th Anniversary

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      100th Anniversary

      One Hundreth Anniversary
      What a big number! 100 years of Neon. :rainbowpuke: That's a proper occasion for binge drinking. :likeasir:

      I remember when my dad told me about my grand dad, who told him about my grand grand dad, who actually founded Neon in 1918. Back then the internet wasn't as polluted with idiots as today. He told me of a time, when there were no emojis :wat: . They had 128 characters back then to do all their messaging. But what they had at least was 100 GBit connections with unlimited traffic. These got restricted later by the capitalistic world government. They used chemtrails to erase their memory about it. However, my ancestors never left their houses so they didn't breathe it in and kept their memory :fuckyeah: . But don't tell anyone I told you, otherwise I will be shot. :why:

      100 – that is, in fact, the smallest positive decimal number with three digits
      In binary it's only 4. :bean: Pathetic. :bitchplease:

      Member of the Year
      Member of the Year 2017 is Stephen Hawking. Man, someone told me, he wasn't member at any time. How sad. Good luck becoming Member of the Year 2018. :genius:

      You probably came for cake or a similar birthday treat

      I can tell you something: Neon is a community for members by members. SO IF YOU DON'T BAKE ONE FOR US, THERE WON'T BE ONE! COMPRENDE COMPAÑERO? :rageface:

      Click this to bake a cake

      :ilied: You really thought it would be that easy, didn't you? :seriously:

      The nuts are refined! They take the coal!

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      I really tried to get a greetings video from our first member Snowflake (or was it Snowyflake?!) but unfortunately he banned me on ICQ :(

      #10 - Before we had 3 kind of active members we had 0 - because NEON itself was not born at all yet

      #9 - Who cares about the video if you can read a SAMP chat of 10 years ago

      #8 - All good things come to an end - and something better is born

      #7 - Having great fun at BeNo

      #6 - When you still have no members... but TS

      #5 - When you finally have members

      #4 - That awkward moment when you are the first one who's banned from NEON

      #3 - Just watch and listen...

      #2 - The microphone industry doesn't want you to know this simple trick

      #1 - See #2 (Grand Finale)

      Unfortunately neither the recording of Firzen vacuuming his room nor Pitbull putting chocolate in his computer to defrost it made it in the list.
      We apologize for the inconveniences and are looking forward to Firzen going to publish a photo of himself on our actual 100th birthday.

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      Because I joined after Neon already went to MTA, I thought I'd put some rememberable videos of my time in 100 years of NeoN GaminG in here:

      Unfortunately a lot of videos got deleted over the past years, either by the user himself, or by YouTube, due to copyright claims...

      I'd like to thank all the people I got to know over the past 100 years and especially those, that are still around in Mumble for so many years every day.
      My most favourite Spasten. :cuteness:
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      (Not going to translate this but it's like one of the first threads ever created in the NeoN RpG Webspell forum)


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      24.03.2008, 18:04

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      Neben unserem schönen NeoN RpG gibt es ja bekanntlich noch einige andere RPG-Clans. Hier mal eine Liste mit kurzen Beschreibungen der aktuellen Lage. (Jaja, ich bin überall Insider )

      San Andreas Role Play

      Mit ihrem neuen Superadmin Destro, der den Clan schon mehrmals geplättet hat, geht es genauso langsam voran, wie vorher. Ständig findet man im Forum Leute, die Beschwerden von neuen Membern weiterleiten, die gerne registriert werden wollen, worum sich jedoch keiner kümmert. Außerdem haben sie keinen Gameserver.

      [GER] Reallife

      [GER] Reallife hat zwar einen Top Root Server, nur das Problem, dass dort niemand einen Fitzel Support für das SARP Script leisten kann und dass die Member nicht besonders aktiv zu sein scheinen.

      Crazy Roleplay

      Viele Member und eine hohe Aktivitätsrate nur leider seit kurzem kein Recht mehr, das modifizierte SARP Script zu verwenden. Blöd nur, dass sie einen Polizisten im Clan haben, der da definitiv einen Schlussstrich zieht. Außerdem fehlt auch hier der Support für Script und Gamemode.

      Blue Light

      Kennt noch keiner, muss auch keiner kennen. Der Versuch von Alexander Mode, einen eigenen RPG Clan zu führen, wird scheitern. Nicht nur wegen Membermangel. Das Script ist eine Copypastemischung aus Godfather RPG Script und diversen Freeware Scripts und Includes. Support fehlt hier gänzlich und ob diese Scriptmischung es bringt steht auch noch im Raum.

      Bis auf Blue Light verwenden alle Clans das SARP Script von Benne und Steven. Alles in allem hat NeoN gute Chancen, wenn wir weiterhin aktiv bleiben und uns Mühe geben. Ein eigenes RPG Script, welches ja auch bereits in Arbeit ist, wird unsere Situation deutlich verbessern. Aber bis dahin wird noch viel Zeit vergehen...

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      man kann ja sowas auch nich von heute auf morgen bauen dafür ís das zu viel arbeit und so weiter

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      Ich denke wir werden der beste von diesen Servern.

      Wir haben Benne, wir haben Firzen und wir haben mich . Nein jetzt mal im Ernst, wir haben einfach das beste Script und die beste Community und das neue Script das Firzen ja gerade macht wird sicher alles toppen!

      NeoN RpG an die macht :>
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      Wow, you guys cracked the 10-year badge. That's a really good performance for a clan in general. Considering which niche Neon Gaming is in, I can only congratulate you.

      Congratulations on passing the ten-year existence. I wish you all the best for the future.

      I'm not a member anymore, and we've had our differences in the past. Yet you are a part of my past that I like to remember.

      See you at the next anniversary ;)
      Wow much Clan!

      This really brings up some old memories and yet I'm feeling pretty old at the same time, thinking about that Neon exists now since over 10 years :pokerface:
      Sadly I don't have a birthday present, I don't even have a cake or cookies or an alpaka... :why:

      Anyway, let me have this said: Neon was a big part of my life, for a pretty long time and even when I now don't really have the time to play, script, talk and laugh with most of you anymore, the memories will stay forever.

      Thanks for the wonderful time and maybe there will come the days where I will find more time for this again.

      May the clan reach its aimed goal of 1000 years :bean: :allthethings: