Race's Revelation... or not quite his

      Race's Revelation... or not quite his

      Hey, folks.


      As it has been so boring in Neon for the last months… maybe a year or so, I decided that I should give you something to talk about. Before revealing everything, be aware of the fact that I might be erased from Neon’s scene forever. Please continue reading. This has everything to do with Neon, MTA scene itself, Vita Online and even more than I can remember. Yes, you read right – Vita Online. My dear friend - Sebastian’s creation that caused so much hate. But we will talk about Vita later.

      Now I would like to introduce myself to everyone who didn’t know me for the guy I was. I know this doesn’t make sense to you, but in the end of this thread, you will all know the truth, which is as a matter of fact, amazing as far as I am concerned.

      I started playing MTA San Andreas in 2009 (I was 5th or 6th grade, something like that), where I found the amazing server of NeoN GaminG (please excuse me if I’m doing it wrong with the different releases of Neon, I’m just not that aware of Neon’s whole history, even though I know a lot of it). I started playing with two of my friends – Daniel and Ivan. Later on, more of us Bulgarians joined the server. Names that you have probably forgotten, but if you have a clue, I will tell you some of them – Kasmetliiko, Shadow, Shade, Serious. Each one of them was once member of the Neon community – either trial, or full member (you know the term), they all were. The one friend that I first told you about – Daniel, had the nickname D1ndeTo which he later changed to Serious. We became close with [Ne]Pr0RaC3R, who taught us everything back then. All the journey with the Bulgarian party in Neon continued a year or so and only I along with my friend Ivan remained active on Neon... not for long just the 2 of us though. Kasmetliiko left (or was kicked; was trial), Shade became a full member (was kicked due to inactivity), Shadow was also a full member and retired, Serious was… very serious. It’s so much history that I’m starting to lose it. But there’s something really crucial. What I had is an access to the accounts of: Ivan (whose name was actually Race/Palacios), Shadow (who was still member), Serious (full member; or was it green member at the time), Shade (full member; same thing) and myself… and they all knew it and did not care. That makes 5 accounts. But at different times. I could practically choose who joins Neon or not… in some of the time. And I had some fun for sure. We’re not even close to the essence of what I want to tell you. Eventually, Shadow and Shade retired like I already mentioned and I as a more mature Neon member gave more critical thinking and opinions to Neon with my friend Ivan (Race) as a member of Neon who just wanted to play MTA… that was it, he wasn't even part of any discussions... he never was, he was just playing DM. At this time, Serious went to play in SHC with Pr0RaC3R before he gave himself a break of MTA.
      I started organizing stuff for Neon, tournaments mostly. And at that time Neon had had just one DD tournament organized, for which the prize was trial membership. I started with something similar where Serious won it (I won it of course, under the name of Serious who actually retired)… I became close with people like Rewenton… seriously, Rewe was my best friend on Neon, he literally cried when I did what I did later on. He was a Moderator – a rank that has been removed and restored a couple of times. There was another rank which was Super Moderator… the one with the purple. I don’t remember who suggested me to become a Moderator, but I was indeed suggested and became one. After a while, I was even promoted to a Super Moderator… things happened so easily and quickly that I couldn’t believe it. It was a main goal for me to even be part of Neon as a member. And then I left Neon… and don’t even remember why, but Rewenton was so sad with me leaving. It still hasn’t been the toolbox era with all the maps, it was before that.
      In the meantime, I was close with Bass (YES, BASS), XtrA, Bert, wenkbrauw, Rewenton, at some point with Vortex who wasn’t yet the mapper he became, many more… I can’t remember them. Oh yeah, MILPRO who you know now as Crannock. He hated me at first, but then he was so kind to me, because I was doing everything right. Krascha was a good lad. F-22 has been part of Neon for so long, we’ve known each other for long time.

      You’re probably still wondering what the fuck I am talking about. It’s still too soon to tell. Some of you might already have a clue though.

      Are you ready for the cake?

      So one of Neon’s ex-members that I was close with was… SOAD. Oh yeah, SOAD. Such a rebel warrior. He was doing so much shit (positively and negatively) for Neon. His most famous creation is the Carball arena, of course. But long time ago, SOAD decided to create a clan, which I joined. And him and I were the leaders of this clan. Its name was Uptime X (UTX). Now… I don’t remember if we created UTX before we join Vita Online or after it. Yeah, you read right again. SOAD and I… and another (then) valuable ex-member of Neon – Pete, were part of Vita Online, where we developed so much stuff. We had contacts everywhere and Vita was growing strong (I swear, at some point, it was much better than Neon; the server was full every day, while on Neon there were 10 people in evenings max). Another current member (ex-ex-member, ex-Section Leader of Neon and ex-member, ex-Division Leader (yeah, not Section Leader, but Division Leader) of Vita Online), was Lexlo. I was also chosen to lead Vita alongside Lexlo and that guy whose name was SkrilleX. And the thing is… myself leading Vita, while on Neon there was Race who was a member, but that wasn’t Race… that was also me under his name… and one more name… Serious. He became a member again… and a wannabe mapper, whose vote was at steak when Race (me) wrote a long text about Serious (also me) under his green member vote that *summary* "What if he becomes a mapper like Vortex and we miss him?"... and Serious (me) was accepted as a full (green) member. So let’s simply say that I was in both clans – Neon and Vita. I had access to every internal discussion… We’ve even had CWs between Neon and Vita in which I played… while being in both of the clans (played not at once ofc lol) - (in Neon with 2 accounts). And the rivalry was vicious. When there were crucial situations between the clans, I just grabbed my popcorn and just had fun.

      If I remember right, a year later, Vita was going down due to obvious reasons… And I left the clan as I gave up my Division Leader rank.
      While on Neon, everything good was happening. I’ve been monitoring the situation in Neon since 2009… seriously.. I’ve never left it… ever (maybe with the exception of a few month period and this current one in 2017-18). Neon FuN was growing… so was Neon Race … especially Neon Carball. Serious left Neon time ago… (I mean me… yeah; cuz I no longer thought that I need multiple accounts). And the good old character Race was still a beloved quiet member who wasn’t that active before Carball. Seriously, ask yourself.. how do you know Race? When did you meet him the first time (mostly a question for the Regulars and older members like F-22, Velo… idk who else)? Do you even remember his past personality? So after I retired from Vita, I began playing on Neon for one reason – Carball. I guess you know the rest of the story. I’ve been Section Leader, Carball Manager (a high-appreciated rank as Carball was Neon’s main mode for quite a while)… and left for obvious reasons (all of that under the name of Maestro Race).

      But as a matter of fact, I never wanted to harm Neon in any way and I’ve never done it… I was just having fun and meant no harm at all.
      Why am I telling you this? It’s been almost 10 years and I don’t play MTA anymore so I thought you guys should know my story. The predictable thing for me is that you start a ULTIMATE-BAN VOTE IN “FAVOUR” OF .?.?.? Well… Do what you have to. I could have never told you these stuff. But I decided to tell them, because Neon was a big part of my MTA stuff.

      Sincerely yours, Ex-Member of Neon, Ex-Moderator of Neon, Ex-Super Moderator of Neon, Ex-Event Manager of Neon (was there even such a rank? xD), Ex-Member of Vita, Ex-Division Leader of Vita, Ex-Ex-Moderator of Neon, Ex-Section Leader of Neon, Ex-Carball Manager of Neon,

      Sadly I didn't take popcorns while reading this, and I agree with Kath

      Kath wrote:

      I honestly don't see the point of making a ban vote.

      That's it.
      “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”
      ― Albert Einstein

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      Race wrote:

      This killed me somehow. Biggest plot twist since Vader told Luke, that he is his father.

      If that's true, I just want to tell you, that I always hated your maps, since they were literally showered in changed textures. :bitchplease:

      Anyways, I probably don't care enough anymore about such stuff to ban you or punish you in any other way. It's history anyways and that time is long gone.

      Just for the sake of completeness: What was your nickname at Vita (since the forum got deleted)? I guess Sebi and Lexlo didn't know about that as well?

      Well, I guess you had a lot of boredom to do all this. :lol:
      It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. - Albus Dumbledore
      Passwords are like toilet paper. Don't reuse, don't share ones you've used, and no one should be asking to see what you've used. - Unknown
      In Vita it was NasQuick all the way. And no, noone knew about that until now.
      And about the boredom... it's not that. I was just a regular boy, who would come back from school and play some games... All of this happened bit by bit. I just saw an oppurtnity to make it funnier.

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      Race wrote:

      And about the boredom... it's not that. I was just a regular boy, who would come back from school and play some games... All of this happened bit by bit. I just saw an oppurtnity to make it funnier.

      Actually, I find this very exhausting
      “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”
      ― Albert Einstein
      All that I see is somone has issues :bitchplease: However haven't we all logged-in under different names to have some fun.. or to spy :isee:

      Well, apart from the missing tl;dr I don't care enough about this. I guess having aliasses is one thing, but imitating and having multiple accounts to have it your way seems rather inappropiate.

      Hope you had fun, and hope you grew up by now :bitchplease:
      Thanks for the entertainment and keeping the forum alive with random posts. :lol:


      tl;dr read it! Your post was much longer :yuno: :trollface:

      Cya around fruitcake :thumbsup: :/
      Well, this explains quite a few things for me. I always remembered Race as the quiet guy on the server before he joined. He played DM and hardly cared about anything else on the server. What about the time when he renamed himself to Ivan S. Palacios? I guess you used his account since it was renamed back. Also, I don't know if real Race/Ivan ever played Carball, but I remember I played it a lot since it was a separate server (before, you had to wait for the mode on Fun, and I did not like that). Race came very rarely, and he really sucked (really, I remember I let him score so he would have some fun lol). Then one day he just started playing more often and suddenly became really good.

      Also, Sense was inactive for a long time, and then came back (as you). I had some issues with him before, that I wanted to settle. We were usually arguing a lot on the server. I've sent him a PM, and his/your reply made me doubt he is the same guy a lot. Even his attitude was completely different. But then he went inactive and soon left, and I just figured he became more mature, and soon forgot about it (until now). Here are the (relevant) PM's:
      Show Spoiler

      F-22 wrote:

      i suggest we leave our argues behind...
      greetings, F-22

      Serious wrote:

      What argues? Oo

      F-22 wrote:

      you know...

      Serious wrote:

      I guess I forgot what agruments we had lol

      It was a while ago, and I do not remember exactly, but I thought UTX was made by Exodus and Soad? I joined it too for a few weeks :lol: Even considered going to Vita at some point (I think YDT was there back then). Still had the UTX logo somewhere, but I think I erased it just a few months ago when I was cleaning my old hard drive :cry:

      Well, Nas, I always figured you were too much into MTA to just dissapear like you did.

      "People already got banned for less." - Bass

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      True that.
      I remember when you sent that PM. It was me replying back and it was also me that argued about shit With "What argues? Oo" I wanted to make a point that everything is settled, but I did not express myself in the right way.
      And I also don't remember who made it, I just remember being one of the leaders of UTX.

      As you mentioned YouDieToday, OMG. The thing is that I was such a hypocrite. In Neon, as Serious I was her bloody enemy, and in Vita as she was a member, was one of her closest friends. Funny or really pathetic, I don't really know.

      I would like to see a response from @Rewenton at some point <3
      You actually had Jwsp's password? Now I'm pissed...

      Did I even write with the real Jwsp in xfire back then?

      I don't have words for this, wow...

      It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. - Albus Dumbledore
      Passwords are like toilet paper. Don't reuse, don't share ones you've used, and no one should be asking to see what you've used. - Unknown
      You did write with the real Jwsp on xfire.
      I only had his password on Neon. It's because he failed... the system back then was to write /login nickname passowrd.
      He failed one day while on the server it was me and him (or one more dude who was afk). Was either early or late, because at that time, the server was never empty. And he failed writing his login data without the slash, so I knew his password... and he was Moderator. Only Moderators could ban.
      Just came online to check what the hell you guys are up to nowerdays - read this. To be honest, the only thing I can say is kudos: Having time for one clan and investing into it as you did is hard as hell, but for two - wow. Anways, well played - would not have expected this.
      Wo alle das Selbe denken, wird nicht viel gedacht, aber es kommt weniger Blödsinn dabei heraus.