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      Stop spamming the forum with your 'content'...
      You aren't even taking time to even incorporate a topic title, why would we even bother reading?

      You aren't accepted due to the fact the current 'members' (aka:the sleeping dead) are a bunch of old grandpa's and you sir are way to young to smoke a good cigar with us.

      So please go back to your lego's and in 10 years when you figure out people actually respond to well written messages instead of :rageface: ACCEPTED MEEE :yuno: :rageface: we might actually think about it..

      tl;dr: Grow up, stop spam, repeat
      It's not discrimination. It's just that you seem, if not are, dumb. In the real world, "we'll call you" is most likely a no. When you get ignored in WhatsApp, it's likely a no and a "stop talking to me". When you get ignored in this forum, it means that we won't respond neither now nor in the future. So please quit spamming the forum with senseless posts, because you won't get anywhere.

      You want to be a Trial, or a Member, but I bet if we do a vote it's going to end up with 10 members voting against you and 0 in favour. Don't make us waste our time. Thanks.

      As to save all of ourselves in the future, because it really does look like you have some mental problems on not understanding what's going on, I advise you to seek help or to stop playing games. I'm also going to ask the Administration to set a forum-ban on you, if possible, for some time. Not permanent, but not a week-ban either.
      Thanks to @Rio for the signature.

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      This forum is mostly in English. From your previous content I conclude that you have massive problems in understanding and speaking/writing English. E.g. you do not appear to know what subject means and/or you don't know what no means. Otherwise I don't understand why you started many threads with no as title(/subject).

      So please, before attempting to apply for something, improve your English skills and, if necessary, google how an internet forum works.
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