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    This is another unban request. If you want to do your own, create a new thread.

    However, I may explain to you why I banned you, although I don't think it's necessary taking into account what we talked yesterday. I got complaints from several people that you were using a sandking mod which morphed your car into a bus. Now, this has happened in the past, so it wouldn't be anything new. I checked your profile in the admin panel and I indeed saw that you were using a sandking modification. I asked you if you were using any, to which you responded that indeed you were. When I asked which kind, you instantly told me to ban you. Now, I said that I wouldn't have the need to ban anyone if you'd join my arena and check for myself. Which you didn't, for the seven times I asked you to. Then you replied "cya" and joined arena 1, where I saw that the balls weren't getting hit by your car yet moving away. I banned you right there.

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    [2018-11-03 01:26:37] CHAT: #dc166d[Ne]#ee8eb4Kath: Dooooosh
    [2018-11-03 01:26:41] CHAT: #dc166d[Ne]#ee8eb4Kath: are you using sandking mod?
    [2018-11-03 01:26:43] CHAT: #ffffff*#434343Doooosh: ye
    [2018-11-03 01:26:51] CHAT: #dc166d[Ne]#ee8eb4Kath: which kind?
    [2018-11-03 01:26:57] CHAT: #ffffff*#434343Doooosh: pro
    [2018-11-03 01:27:43] [A][Ne]Kath: let me see
    [2018-11-03 01:27:49] [A][Ne]Kath: doosh
    [2018-11-03 01:28:33] [A][Ne]Kath: join
    [2018-11-03 01:28:48] [A]*Doooosh: ok i say Burak chater
    [2018-11-03 01:28:52] CHAT: #ffffff*#434343Doooosh: and notela
    [2018-11-03 01:28:53] [A][Ne]Kath: doosh join
    [2018-11-03 01:29:04] [A]*Doooosh: kath if u want ban me
    [2018-11-03 01:29:08] [A]*Doooosh: go
    [2018-11-03 01:29:08] [A][Ne]Kath: join
    [2018-11-03 01:29:22] [A][Ne]Kath: why won't you join
    [2018-11-03 01:29:34] [A]*Doooosh: ok ok
    [2018-11-03 01:29:34] [A][Ne]Kath: enter team 2
    [2018-11-03 01:30:15] [A][Ne]Kath: i dont want to have to do anything
    [2018-11-03 01:30:17] [A][Ne]Kath: just join
    [2018-11-03 01:30:18] [A][Ne]Kath: and let me see
    [2018-11-03 01:30:21] [A][Ne]Kath: what kind of mod it is
    [2018-11-03 01:30:23] [A][Ne]Kath: jesus
    [2018-11-03 01:30:33] [A]*Doooosh: kath ban
    [2018-11-03 01:30:50] [A]*Doooosh: cya (*here he left the arena)
    [2018-11-03 01:32:25] PM: *Doooosh -> Burak: tell him what i used if he knows
    [2018-11-03 01:32:26] CHAT: #dc166d[Ne]#ee8eb4Kath: ok
    [2018-11-03 01:32:33] ADMIN: #dc166d[Ne]#ee8eb4Kath has banned #ffffff*#434343Doooosh

    I close this thread now, because your request is for another one.
    Thanks to @Rio for the signature.

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