Neon Power Rankings [Poll]

      Neon Power Rankings [Poll]

      Shall i start the Project "Power Rankings"? 16
        Yes (3) 19%
        No (13) 81%
      Heyo Guys,

      as we already have the Neon Super Stars as a form of cards for every player i had my own idea for making the "Power Rankings". Thats a bit different of the Cards and integrates you also to the overall of each players. As i already speaked about this in the Skype group i decided to make an official poll to see how the whole community thinks about this idea.

      This is how it looks like:
      Picture of Power Rankings

      But whats now the special thing of this ranking?

      The difference is that there is a circle about 6 players and everyone gives his opinion about all the players that play. In this circle will be on the onehand me as the chief of the circle and 5 other players which will change every month so we have every month a new circle who decides so everyone will be there in the circle. And also you will decide who is in the circle to vote for the ratings :)

      How is this power ranking made?

      A player will have 2 attributes, Offense and defense. Like in carball the most teams play a 2 striker 1 defender composition, the circle will give his opinion of one player when he is in attack and when he is as a defender. At the end we will make the average to see his Offense and Defense power and we will make also an overall of these 2 attributes. Then we will make a ranking, one for the overall, one for the only offense and one for the only defense.

      How often will there be updates?

      Every 2 week. 1 week would be too much and 1 month also too little.

      Whats now special exactly? Isnt it like the cards?

      The difference is that we have 3 rankings, one for the Overall CURRENT best player, the overall CURRENT best offensive player and the CURRENT best defender. All stats are based on the current power of each player and can be between 50 and 99. So it is also possible that a player can have only 60 or 70 but also over 95. Also every player in the circle CAN NOT VOTE FOR HIS OWN RATING. That means i cannot vote for myself, if Frenk would be in the circle he cannot vote for his ratings a.e. And because we have a circle of 6 players, kinda everyone of the community is integrated and the Points of a players are completely decided by us all.

      But how do you feel about this idea? Do you like it or not? If you want me to start this project then just poll for a yes and in the next days i will start it so we could on sunday have our first ratings.

      Have a great day :)

      Best regards
      Lemme tell u my plans for the Neon Super Stars. I will get 2 other experienced, neutral Players which also Play with everyone else, not only with their own team and we will discuss About EVERY rating. I made the stats alone till now but i see that i shouldnt do it on my own as im experienced but not 24/7 online to check everyone out. For the Team of the month i will get every month 4 different Players. they all will give me 3 names, 1 atk 1 mid 1 def. When we got max 15 Players, i will start a vote in Forum for everyone. The Atk, Mid and Def with the most votes will get into the TotM + the one with the 4th most votes. But if you plan to do this i will stop doing the cards as it makes no sense for me then anymore and it shows me that my way to do the ratings atm and in future isnt the right one.

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      So you suddenly got the plan to expand the list of players who vote for the ratings of a player from 1 (yourself) to 3... after 2-3 years.. after i got the idea to make another project where a circle is from the beginning included.. okay strange, nevermind.

      You dont have to cut the cards just because of this system. You can still even created cards but decide by your own the rating or you can just combine it with this one, take the overall of each player and you decide the attributes of the players. That would be a combinition of the cards + the power rankings but you dont want this, you are rather like "decide between both, i wont cooperate both projects". Nobody said that you arent doing right, its just my idea and if the majority votes "yes" i dont see why i shouldnt do it as the most would be fine with this idea. If the majority is for "no" then i also dont care about this project, i just let them decide.

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      I decided to take other into the boat when everyone wrote in the Skypegroup that its a good idea and that i should do it. I can send you the logs as i wrote with Party about this way before u created this thread. So no, it isnt a respond to your idea. The players i choose to assist me will be Namelezz and Party btw, as they are one of the most active and experienced players. They are also fair und neutral to everybody. Another plus of them is, that they dont care about the teams. Party and Namelezz play nearly with everyone and not only with chosen players. This helps alot when it comes to the rating.
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      Thread can be closed now, Barb will keep on with her cards (with neons circle as innovation) as its the better idea between both :)

      Best regards