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      Eternal Table of Clubs

      Hey lads,

      this is the Eternal Table fo Clubs - but whats that exactly?
      Its a table in which every club in the history is nominated which participated at atleast 1 tournament. Summing up the average power they had in each tournament together, it makes it able to compare between each club how strong they were in Neon Tournaments history. Therefor i made a quite fair system which i explain below:

      This is how i calculated it

      Step 1

      I made a table for every tournament in which i summed up the total points and the matches a team played. If a team won in a Tournament for example 5x and 1 draw out of 6 matches, this team has 16 points reached in 6 matches. If this team goes to semi finals and finals and win both, it will have cuz of 2 more wins then a final statistics of 22 points a 8 matches. Then i take the average of this team in this tourny, this will be 2,75 points per match. This is what i do with every team in every tournament first.

      Step 2

      Now i give every tournament a weight, kinda a multiplikator. The latest Tournament which as been played gets the 1.0x. The next tournament which was played before the 0.9x and so more. The smallest multiplikator will be the 0.6x which will have the oldest tournaments. But why do i do that? The reason is that the RECENT TOURNAMENTS are more important than the tournaments at the beginning.

      That means, if i wouldnt put weights in, and for example The Y wins the summer tournament in 2014 without a lose, in total 3 points / match. Then in total The Y will be on place 1 of the eternal table only because of that tournament.

      That means: The average points in this tournament will be multiplicated with the multiplicator. And that is the Final Points of the Team played in this tournament.

      Step 3

      After you know how i sum up the tournaments, i will sum up all the final points of the tournaments. This means, if The Y played for example in 4 tournaments, each 1.8 1.6 2.5 and 3.0 then they will end with 8.9 a 4 tournaments. From this one i make again the total average (8.9 / 4 = 2.3) which means that this team reaches each game in a tournament in average with 2.3 points.

      Now we have again a weight which depends on how many tournaments a team has played. If a team has played at 1 tournament, the weight will be 0.7x. At 2 tournaments 0.8x, 3 tournaments 0.9x and 4+ tournaments 1.0x . Why this again? Teams which have played 1-3 tournaments should have a quite lower weight because otherwise the teams which have played lots of tournaments have a disadvantage. So the total average points of each tournament * multiplikator makes the final eternal table points. The team with more points get a higher placer - thats logic.

      ETERNAL TABLE spot 1. - 13.

      ETERNAL TABLE spot 14. - 25.

      (Update: All tournaments until Sunny cup [Season 1 stats not included] )

      Greetings, Jamie

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