Hero's Dad has died

      Hero's Dad has died

      I am doing this thread in name of my friend Hossam, mostly known in the Neon world as Hero, or HeroRuleZ, who has asked for me to do it.

      I am saddened to announce that this very morning, Hero's father had passed away. He told me just yesterday that his dad was suffering an illness known as ascites. Ascites is an illness that affects the liver, kidney, and even the heart, by accumulating fluid in the abdominal cavity.

      Hero's father was okay just a few days ago - and he died today.

      Love your loved ones, people. Call them to let them know you love them, and don't be embarrased to tell them you love them, because life is not always for certain.

      Sending you our love, Hero, from the Neon community, and we hope you will find your peace soon enough. We're sure your dad was a great guy.

      Rest in peace.

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