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    Carball CLASH [Poll]

    What do you think about Carball Clash? 16
      Yes, i would participate but only as "patriot" (10) 63%
      Yes, i would also apply as "captain" (6) 38%
      No, i dont like this at all and wont play (0) 0%
    Hey guys,

    there were rumors that Season #5 is coming soon and yes, this is possible in the next months. Right now it would be a bit too early and therefor i have an idea about Carball Clash, a new innovation by me. Whats Clash exactly?

    Carball Clash is a competition about 2 Big Teams, Neon Fire Red and Neon Ice Blue. The whole community (well the players which are interrested to play in this competition) is splitted up in these two fractions and fight for once thing, the win of their fraction.

    How are the teams made?

    Both of the fractions will have one Captain, for this position you can also apply in the poll below. All captain-applier will get into one vote and the community decides the 2 best qualified appliers to be the captains. The 2 guys with the most votes will become the captain of Neon Red and Neon Blue. After we found the 2 captains at one day there will be a draft. Both captains will chose their teammembers out of all participants.

    It will start that the the Captain of Fire will draft 1 player from all applicants and the Captain of Ice will draft 2 persons. After this Fire will draft again 2 followed by Ice again which will draft again 2 persons until every applicant is taken to a team. Now we have the 2 Fractions and the Clash can be started.

    But how will Clash work now?

    We have 3 main events on Monday, Wednesday and Friday on 20:00. These events will be like "Checkpoints" if you know them from games where you have to capture them. On Monday the teams will play for the Checkpoint "San Fierro", on Wednesday for "Las Venturas" and Friday for "Los Santos". The captain will decide now the teams for the matches on this checkpoints from his player list. He can also play by himself too and players are allowed to play multiple times. On each day there will be 1 match with 15 minutes played between Red and Blue. No referee is needed and every goal is counted, this type of competition is called "Extreme Rules" where everything is allowed. As everyone knows this quote, in love and in war is everything allowed :p

    The team which won the match on each day captured the city for his fraction for this week. (Remis cant exist as you will play overtime too). For each city that the fraction captured, the captain has to choose 1 player from the enemies team to be finished. That means this player is not allowed anymore to play in Clash (The captain can not be finished) Next week, everything will repeat, 3 Cities and the 2 fractions will play for them to capture them. The first fraction which has only 2 players in their playerlist will lose the Clash and the other team will be called the "Clash Champions of Series #1" and every player of this fraction will get an award for participating in the 1st Neons War :p

    Now a small example that u understand me better:


    Patriot list: (A small list about participating players): Hamza Snowy Kath James Kekz Rentier Jason Party Deam Foltn Rad Ivo
    Captain Red: Barbawix
    Captain Blue: Frenk

    Round #1: Barba takes Hamza
    Round #2: Frenk takes Snowy and Ivo
    Round #3: Barba takes Kath and Kekz
    Round #4: Frenk takes Foltn and Rad
    Round #5: .....

    Clash week 1: Barba sends for Monday Hamza Barba Kekz, for Wednesday..., Friday ...
    Frenk sends for Monday Foltn Rad Ivo, for Wednesday ..., Friday ...

    Monday: Blue captured San Fierro, Wednesday Blue captured Las Venturas, Friday Red captured Los Santos

    Barba takes from Team Blue Ivo to be finished
    Frenk takes from Team Red Kath and Hamza to be finished

    Week 2: ...

    In the case that a team doesnt appear the other team will win the checkpoint instantly. Thats why the match has to be played at 20:00 on the latest. If a team doesnt show up until 20:00 then the other team captured the city.

    Hope you understanded me good enough. Its just a type of Battlefield but just in carball form. Well nevermind, just vote in the poll :p If everything works and you are interrested we could start it on Monday 24th of September.

    Cya later
    Great idea! Just one question:
    With eliminations can you only choose to eliminate somebody from the players who played that match/week or anybody from the team? This could give it some dynamic in tactics with not letting some players play to save them for later use :pondering:
    #justathought and no rules carball? :bean: I might apply :bitchplease:
    Which guy should be a Captain? (Best 2 get the position) 25
      Ivo (13) 52%
      Barbawix (9) 36%
      Foltn (15) 60%
      Race (5) 20%
      Deamonik (11) 44%
      Burak (2) 8%
    Hello Guys!

    Now its time to vote for the capitanos. Its very easy, there are 5 listed applicants for the position of being a captain and each player can vote for 3 out of 5. The 2 guys with the most votes will be the 2 captains of Team FIRE and Team ICE. Think wisely about your votes cuz these 2 guys will be responsible for your whole team, formations and for the tactic.

    @Pipo : Yes its a nice idea and thanks for forwarding it! Ill make after the votes another thread with the rules and all the tournament itself and include your idea.

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