Asia Cup 2018 (New thread)

      Asia Cup 2018 (New thread)


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      I decided to restore "that" tournament, because there were 3 teams registered already and there are many active players on Carball recently. So I recommend you to apply for that tournament. If we get enough teams, we're gonna make a draw and make a groupstage etc. Some rules changed though (Ramming is not allowed; Ping limit is 150 again. So hurry up and register before 18.11.2018. At this point we just need 1 team to start the tourny.
      Note: Coppied all the needed pre-tourny stuff from Barbawix' Sunny Cup, cuz I was too lazy.

      Carball Asia Cup 2018

      <>Table of contents<>

      Facts about the tournament
      Date and time of the matches

      1. Facts about the tournament

      • Knockoutstage if teams registered are not enough
      • Grousp and a point system - 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 for a loss if there are enough teams
      • The registration is open until 18.11.2018
      • The minimum of teams playing in this tournament will be 4
      • The maximum of players each club can have in tournament is 4
      • One or two referees for each game
      • The ref needs to be an experienced player
      • Matches will be played in Neon Soccer arena and will last 15 minutes

      Some things might change...

      2. Rules

      • Maximum Ping: 150
      • Minimum FPS: 25
      • A referees word is final
      • Goals can get canceled by the referee
      • Follow the standard server rules
      • Always 3v3 matches
      • You ARE NOT ALLOWED to change your team within the tourny
      • All matches will last 15 minutes
      • Ramming is FORBIDDEN
      • Ramming just before the kickoff so someone cant do the it ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN.
      • Act always sportsmanlike

      3. How to set up matches

      Every match will get a Skype group where the time and date are gonna be discussed.

      4. Your application

      Team name:

      Team Leader's name:
      Team Leaders skype:
      Players' names:

      Teams registered [4]

      - VnD
      (Deamonik, Kath, Partyz)

      - Run FC
      (Rio, Rad, Namelezz)

      - K/DA
      (James, Race, Barbawix)

      - Finisher
      (Silver, Foltn, Hero)

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