Unban request Vipah

      Unban request Vipah

      Im asked to create a forum unban request for someone and here it follows.
      Nick: Vipah
      Serial: Not banned ig, in forums.
      Admin / Member: Idk, doesn't tell.
      Date and time: Maybe 3 weeks ago, not sure.
      The reason was: Using 'Adolf Hitler' as a profile nickname and picture.
      I want an unban, because: using that nick was meaning no offense or harm, was just for fun and i appologize as it turned out to be this wrong and offensive, lesson to be learned tho.I also helped the community here by creating cards' template as well as being friendly and picking no fight with no one, being nothing but an angelic creature who's here to have fun. To crown, im asking for an account unban or atleast give me the opportunity to create a new one. Thanks.
      Soccer? Don't you mean Football? :trollface:
      Lock'd n warn'd...
      I forgot about this thread. :lol:

      I quote from my comment of the shoutbox I posted some days ago:
      "Why should I unban someone, who calls himself "Adolf Hitler"? I see no fun in this name. Besides that, he commented with his nickname at walls with "You are next.". He should have thought about it beforehand. Ask other Admins, maybe they see more fun in this." :bitchplease:

      It's correct, there is no actual rule about nicknames in the forum, but in my opinion there should not be any user called after one of the, if not THE biggest mass murderer in the history of the world. Doing something for Neon/United/Carball does not mean anything to me in that case. Usually I appreciate it a lot.

      I don't search actively for those accounts, but if you post something with such a nickname and I see it, well then you are banned.

      I will not unban him. Maybe you have more luck with @Firzen and @Merlin .

      If they both think I abused my rights, then that's how it should be.
      It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. - Albus Dumbledore
      Passwords are like toilet paper. Don't reuse, don't share ones you've used, and no one should be asking to see what you've used. - Unknown
      Actually, and regardless of what vipah is to me in real life.. i totally agree with what you said. He should be punished for that there is no doubt ans thats for using an offensive nickname like hitler's.. Meaning it or not is what makes the difference here, he means no harm and apologies for anyone who felt his ''joke'' in an agreesive or dramatic way, won't happen again.
      Fun fact: I mean bullshit and stupidity is something heriditary in here within my family. Did u forget rip gio? I mean i created one of the most dramatic threads in carball history if not the most, and got punished for it xD, now its my brother's turn, we create history in our way xD
      I hope u think again bass, would be lovely action from u if u forgave him and i'll totally agree with whatever comes next.
      Soccer? Don't you mean Football? :trollface:
      Im with you both here. The ban was definatly deserved and i'm also strict with such jokes i guess but also like Med said he apologized, feels sorry and wont do it again. As my credo is to give everyone a sec chance i would unban him. Also that he helped me alot with the carball cards and his way he acted while working showed me that he is a good guy normally, just did some unfunny silly joke.

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