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    • Neon

      11th Anniversary

      Eleventh Anniversary
      11 years of Neon! :lol: 11 years of Neon! :lol:

      11 is the first two-digit prime number.
      I swear I've tried to divide 11 by every integer from 2 to 1000 and the only one that worked was 11 itself. How odd. :bean:

      Member of the Year
      Member of the Year 2018 is LTWYD. Man, someone told me, he weren't member anymore. How sad. Good luck becoming Member of the Year 2019. :pokerface:

      Click for cake

      Sorry, the EU recently forbade cake. So no cake this year.

      Sorry for being late. :okay:
      Repdigit/Schnapszahl! :lol:

      Schnaps for the alcoholics! Juice for the teetotallers! The drinks are on me. :megusta:
      It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. - Albus Dumbledore
      Passwords are like toilet paper. Don't reuse, don't share ones you've used, and no one should be asking to see what you've used. - Unknown
      11 is also the number of sandking’s on each team in world’s most played, most appreciated and well known mta teamsport-gamemode out there. It is also an important number in evil activities, this will be a dark year for neon. However I am confident we will make it trough the coming year and go for that sweet 12,5 years :allthethings:

      @Bass gimme my scnaps! Bitte! :megusta:

      @the rest: Happy beer-day neon :foreveralone: