Reporting Kath

      Reporting Kath

      Hello fellow Carballers,

      as you know there was this tournament which Jason created. We wanted to play the last matches against Venomous Toads today but Jason wasnt available to play. So Jason invited Burak (who came from UnS which already had played all of their matches so they were done with the league). Suddenly all vTs complained about this. So did vT-Kath. He began threatening Jason and Burak with banning them from the server and taking over the tournament and giving vT the win if we let Burak play because it somehow was against the rules of the tournament (i dont see the rule). All wanted a poll to determine whether he can play or not. We won and then they said it was a joke or a troll. Me, Bambi and Burak joined the arena. No one said anything and the referee (Namelezz) started the match. As soon as the match started, both Jason and Burak got banned for 1 day. My opinion is, it was clearly abusing of power by Kath as he is a Section Leader, i think. Bans should only be handed out if the official server rules are broken. Funny is how he doesnt act against all the guys who flood and spam the server with keybinds (one of them being himself) but thats on another sheet of paper. Bass, please take your time reading this. This shit is getting way out of hand.

      Screenshot from the ban is here:

      I will just crosspost my reply from the other thread.

      Kath wrote:


      the situation was the following: since the start of the League, it was very clear that club changing was not allowed and that your team would have to play with the players that you applied with. This was the case until Fabian came in and asked the tournament creator - Jason - to be able to play with vT until he was gone to Bulgaria Belgium, where he would end up working in a week and not to be seen again.

      Although there were discussions, Jason agreed, and Fabian ended up playing in a match against Flame Falcons. After Fabian was gone, we were told that we would have to replay the match since Fabian was no longer a part of vT. We haven't done so yet, but we would not have any problem in doing so.

      The problem comes when Burak left UnS (another participant of the tourney) some days ago and joined |K| (Jason's club) today. They were asked if Burak would be able play the game, to which Jason's reply was "is it your tourny or mine?". Now, it was a rule that was said over and over by the creator himself - a player of another club would not be able to play in another's club name, before, or after leaving said club. So why would it change now?

      I told them that Burak would not be able to play the game. It is not about the League anymore. It is about Carball. If we let this happen we set up a path for the future where the creator of the tournament is able to push and give an advantage to his own team over the rest. That is something I will simply not let happen. Not as a Section Leader, not as a Member, not as a Community Manager, and not as a player of Neon.

      I warned several times that if Burak were to play, I would ban them both. This gave rise to an explosion of complaints (understandable) from both parties to see who could have the bigger balls. Along this, there was a poll created on the Skype group by a player that was not part of either team, which you can see here: can burak play? (the question refers ... - Straw Poll . Clearly, it is not made in a serious tone.

      The arena was created, and Burak joined. The arena started, and I banned both Burak and Jason for the duration of a day.

      For stuff concerning the League, I will talk with some people and will take ownership if needed, the tournament is not over if people do not want it to be over.

      I hope the situation is now clear.

      Thanks to @Rio for the signature.

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