Lets talk

      Hello there fellas!

      We matured, we are grownups now. Some things are bound to happen. So, lets talk, whats going on in your lives? Are you married? Do you have any children? Job? How is life in general? Its been a while, 5-6 years for sure. I'll start, feel free to join :)

      I am single (literally for 7 years, since my "rage quit" after Tjong banned me for an hour, and me responding by banning my self permanently), no kids, thank god.
      I have had few jobs in between, and I decided i want to pursue a career in gaming or software testing industry, as a QA (Quality Assurance), its fun, its challenging, and it most certainly isn't as easy or fun all the time as it sounds. I used to work for Serbian gaming company (HOPA games, actually worlds biggest developers for that genre) and it was OK. Not my type of games, but still fun experience. Since then I moved to other gaming company, I even lived in Bucharest, Romania for few months. During that time I worked on some big projects, but the biggest and most important one was definitely one for Ubisoft (they are one of many clients we are co-operating with) and again, I learned a lot. Now I am working in Belgrade, we are actually sharing the building with Ubisoft, so I have to travel to work every day, for almost hour and a half by bus, 2x a day. But its ok, its fun. Project I am working on not that much, but yeah, somebody has to do it.

      That's pretty much it what happened in the past few years in my life. I'd like to hear how are you guys doing? Whats new, all that jazz.

      Thanks for reading, for those who did, and for those who haven't, sorry, but no TL;DR. Have a good night guys, take care.

      Forever yours,


      Let's just like the OP and not comment. :trollface:

      Well, the most interesting thing about my past six years is that I visited a toilet for (probably) more than 6,500 times. Aaand I got my wisdom teeth removed. There are maybe some slightly interesting things I'm not keen on publishing on the internet, but really mostly void.
      The nuts are refined! They take the coal!