Money prize in Carball Tournaments?

      Money prize in Carball Tournaments?

      Would you pay a tournament fee and compete for a grand money prize? 19

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      I'd like to ask you if you'd pay an entrance fee for a future Carball tournament. Something like 10-20 euros per person. And that would be the prize fund for the tournament. Let's say we get around 30 people playing in that tournament. So the prize would be 600 euros (if 20 euros each). The winner would get 400 euros and the runner-up 200 euros. Just giving you an example.

      So this could be in more people's interest. But I'm asking you, would this interest you?

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      This is something that I personally already thought about and was planning maybe for the upcoming 2vs2 league.

      The only matter is that there might be players who can not manage paying online, so I thought the application would be free, and the winner would get a smaller amount (10-15 euro per player) sponsored by the admins, from the remaining budget of Donation December.

      It would surely boost the application number, but in this case we would need a huge Yes from the upper part. :bitchplease:

      So this is a bit off-topic, but I'm asking our bosses about the situation and if this could be possible or not (PM me bois).
      For a test 5€ wouldnt hurt as a fee tbh. But in my opinion we need then some professional experienced referees, not that i judge the referees in the past but if we make a League/Tourny with a prize pool we need a serious referee team aswell cuz their desicions are a significant part of some matches aswell.

      Maybe all players who are interested in being a referee listed in a vote and the whole community decide about who is allowed being a referee. The best ones are taken in a referee team and shall receive a bit of money aswell for their duty.
      On April 2014 the server discovered James.

      Clubs were searching for mascots and had problems so James invented animals.

      James showed once a boy how to aim at the goal, this boy is known today as Frenk.

      When James entered the server, Clubs requested for joining him.

      Before hard league matches starts, players are praying to James to gain strenght.
      I, personally, don't like spending money at all for seemingly unnecessary things. But this is just one of the main points that could be highlighted.

      James already pointed out the need of a proper referee system, at such stake, where every move counts, we would surely be upset if things were heading to an unpleasant direction. Even if things are fair, let's suppose, there would always be a losing side, thus complaining. Yet again, the bigger the stake, the heavier the fights would be.

      Secondly, entry fee is not something you want to pay if you're an underdog. If it worked like that, only the very core would apply, whereas our main aim is to revive carball. I don't see any reason why should this be implemented when even us, the core can possibly predict the winning team. It is just not logical to apply unless you have a proper team that stand a chance to win.

      Money prize, however, is not a bad idea. But in my opinion, money is a secondary value here; yes it is the value that matters the most, but the majority of players really liked and got motivated by our cards-creating circle. It was a popular topic, if not a meme, so I believe having an active team that provides such things would mean more than just dropping a money prize. Of course, I support that too, but we then fall back to the first point. The bigger the stake is, the more people will complain about any mistake. I prefer not destroying this small family.
      Thats true with the fact why the underdogs would even pay for an application. But the thing is that this would be still a 2v2 and not a 3v3 season, in a 2v2 its easy to beat the opponents just with the synergy between the members, its not like the better trio wins every match if u know what i mean. Secondly we need some new innovations if we want again a tournament with a lot of people, the underdogs wont apply at a prizeless tourny neither imo cuz they wont win anything anyways - but with a money pot which is balanced everyone could be satisfied.

      Ive made a small calculation how we can split the whole money-pot up and formed an idea for a prized season. In this picture everything shall be explained but i will mention my idea in some sentences.

      My Idea is to Split the season in 2 parts, the Spring split with a League + Cup and the Summer split which is directly following after a 1 week rest, a "Neon Champions League". The ideal season would be 3 seperated Leagues á 6x 2v2 Teams. Means if a Team pays a fee of 10€ (5€ per person is nothing in my eyes) we have a money pot of 180€. Which prizes you can get in the season is right in the picture, i dont need to repeat the calculation. The season system is the same, in 5 weeks you battle in your league every team 2x and each week you have 1 cup match. At the end of the spring split the best 6 teams of the 3 leagues and the best team on the 3rd spot + the cup winner (if the cup winner has already a free entry then the 2nd best team of the 3rd spot are going to the Neon Champions League. This means 8 teams battle in a K-O round á 2 matches vs his opponent until we got 1 winner.

      This means we would get a 8 week season with 3 Tournaments in the case we get 18 teams. What are the pros of such a season now?

      1. The prize pool - Imo i balanced the Prize Pool very good (its just an idea tho, nothing fixed yet) so you the 1st spot wins some money, the 2nd spot receives atleast his fee back and the 3rd spot gets kinda 40% of his fee.The referees and the organisators for their work get paid and the best teams can win more money by winning the champions league aswell and even your performance in in your league isnt that great you can still win or reach 2nd at Neons Cup to get your money in return. So you have plenty possibilitys of gaining money.

      2. Donations - Means we can add aswell a % of the prize pool and and this % goes as donations for the server.

      3. New era - Esports has already took a good part in our world, how would it feel to say that you just made money by playing carball? At the moment we talk about a 5€ fee compared to winning 40€ if you reach spot 1. Within the next seasons in the case the playerbase grows up huge (and this is what i think with this innovation) we can raise the fee and the prizing pool aswell.

      4. Imagine the FFS players when they hear that we offer a carball tourny with a prize pool while they dont have such a thing. Atleast the best FFS players will think about participating so we have more players, and if they notice that our tourny and our carball is just better we will gain again a good community - atleast the potential is here.

      The con would be as party said that we could fight because of money but tbh, there was no season where people didnt fight. But this problem could get evaded easily by adding strict rules. Easy punishments would be like cutting some points from their season and hard punishments would be banning from some upcoming tournaments. Those punishments would let the players even think about twice if they start to be unsportsmanlike.
      On April 2014 the server discovered James.

      Clubs were searching for mascots and had problems so James invented animals.

      James showed once a boy how to aim at the goal, this boy is known today as Frenk.

      When James entered the server, Clubs requested for joining him.

      Before hard league matches starts, players are praying to James to gain strenght.
      I like the idea,
      Maybe just do it both.. to play it’s free. So everyone top to bottum can win.
      On top of that you could have the option to pay a fee (probably €5,) or something. Wouldn’t advice a mandatory fee for all. Though if people don’t want to pay the fee they also aren’t able to get the moneyprize... If people donate for this cause it would be more interesting for people to pay the (small) fee in order to win the big(ger) prize!

      so basically there are two prizes:
      1. The glory (all)
      2. Money (the best team/player) who payed the fee.

      Heck I’ll even chip-in €5,- for this just to get you greedy arses in the ring :bean:

      However I am against taking it from the donations to fund the server; aka: keeping the servers up and running 24/7. Just ask if people want to donate for this specific cause rather than ‘stealing’ it from them. Not every donator would like to see ‘their’ money being given away fore some tournament..

      Yes, cool i’ll give €5,- to start off the big jackpot motherload you need so hard.
      Don’t take it from donations
      Don’t make it mandatory to pay
      I agree with Pipo.
      Especially regarding:

      Pipo wrote:

      Not every donator would like to see ‘their’ money being given away fore some tournament

      I really doubt that's even worth discussing, especially since most of the money that was donated, was by people who do not play carball at all (or did not for a very long time :okay: ).

      We used to offer some games as a prize. Lot's of people have Steam redeem codes around...
      "People already got banned for less." - Bass

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      Like the Idea. Would also give some $$ to the prize pool.

      But as a fee to take part in the tournament as a requirement is a no-no for me. Some people cant/dont want/dunno how to pay.
      We are already having trouble having teams to apply to such tournys and with the fee as a requirement to take part in it wont solve this, no, its even the opposite. What do we get? 2 whole teams that payed the fee? : (

      So whoever wants to pay in the pool thats awesome. It really attracts other players to take part in it and with this method we could actually have some newcommers to our CB.
      Btw it really doesnt have to be like 500€ or so lul.. If the prizepool is just like 50€ its just fine imo. Heck, money is money and its free, who wanna deny some €?

      As for taking money from the Donations... well.. idk. Its money thats being payed for running the server and scripter (oh wait.). So the high admins of neon can //decide but dont really HAVE to imo. This is our Tourny and money.

      And for the referee thingy.... As ive said in an other thread we really should have a clear, strict guideline on which kind of goals should be invalid. Just some thoughts from me: If the ball isnt speeded or really syncish it shouldnt be invalid. Some balls sync or maybe most of em do, its carball. dont blame the players blame the game. Just because your goalkeeper wasnt in the goal and a ball syncs into your goal, but wasnt really speeded and wouldve been savable if some1 was there then for me its a valid goal.

      Should refs get paid? Imo nah. But we can always have votes on this. We can vote on a lot of stuff here if you guys want to make it a better league/tourny.
      Cause like in every league the league creator always gets a lot of hate for some shits (some fairly and some not but still annoying, should be happy somebody has the guts and efforts to do it).

      Thats 1 reason why I came up with the referee valid/invalid goal guideline.
      The more information and guidelines we have for participating in someones league then maybe there wouldnt always be a drama after such events.
      Side note: i really dislike having substitutes in a team. i want everybody to play to their fullest and also we would get more teams out of it.

      As for side rewards as P mentioned, i totally agree. Sadly there isnt really much left except money for a reward. As for the players cards, i really liked it. But it isnt really a reward, its just something that comes with the league. A stat. But most people want rewards and the title and just something they can brag about in the long run. dont get me wrong the cards is an awesome feature, but the next day after they got released, nobody gives a damn about it. Especially to people who felt unjustified about their rating.
      But features like this keeps it interesting. for example team of the week, man of the week, a youtube channel showing some league games or maybe top 5 goals/saves of the week and so on idk... would be awesome.

      Would also be cool if you'd get ingame rewards like specail car color, ingame money for buying cosmetic shits for your car, a "club skin stadium" for our standard stadium we play every day.
      But there is no active scripter around and even trustworthy people who can script or map stuff wont be given the opportunity. On the one hand it sucks yeeah, but on the other this script isnt ours and we can only respect this descicion. Though I f'''kn want that 4v4 stadium back............ and the small one.

      Lets make this league big. Features, newcommers, rewards, needed info/guidelines and the best thing honestly.......... fun..... amk.
      Lets show Ffs how shitty they and their CB are/is.

      Btw nice to see the neon cummunity alive again.
      Can i have an Amen to the chat

      PS: i love you aleyna
      - Nugget
      I really like the way you'd organize the money prize, though, entry fee still shouldn't be the first option. If we implemented something that works as an exchange for contributing to the grand prize, people would more likely help us. Just like donating, you give something and you get something. If clubs could design their kits, or players their own vehicles, then we would already have something as an exchange for the contribution; only available for the contributors of course.

      I was thinking about the player cards a long time ago and came up with a few ideas that could reduce the dissatisfaction. We are humans, we are not precisely objective.
      The only way to stay objective is to lower the human work in this, therefore we need more data to work with. That means, we need more statistics. Performances in a match cannot be properly described with only goals, assists and saves.
      As a piece of preview, passes are not part of the in game stats, however, passing rate is quite an important one. Passes should be added as one, to measure quantity, key passes to measure quality. That being said, the more passes you have on average, the better your passing rate would be. The more key passes you complete, meaning that your team mate receives a pass in the attack third of the pitch, the better your vision rate would be. There are a lot of ways to calculate it properly.
      Without digging deeper, as this was only one stat, it is here and available to improve not just the tournaments, but the whole gameplay. I have it, tested it to an extent, and I believe it would work flawlessly.

      Reading through the comments and seeing that you want to move forward made me reply again. I know this is rather a small thing, but it took me effort and several attempts, so if the players are still interested in cards, we can possibly remake it with a minimal scripting, but this time only mathematically objective ratings, or at least, with only a minimal subjectivity. If we gain popularity with money prize as rewarding motivation, player cards could work as competitive motivation to enlarge our player base even further.