The script

      Dear Neon admins/scripters

      Im typing this thread on behalf of the active neon community. It's time for the annual talk which always leads to endless discussion on this forum but lets hope by the end of this thread we dont't have to discuss anymore, but that we (somehow) reached an agreement.

      Sooo.. as you can read by the title, i'm talking about the script. We've talked about this multiple times before and basically you guys( talking to the Neon leaders )were very clear about your opinion on giving away the script. I doubt your opinion has changed on that, but let me try anyway.

      The active carball community still lives for the server and is for most people still the game they immediately start when going on their pc. I think these people deserve something, for keeping this server alive for such a long time. We have been playing this game for years and only a few features have been added ever since.

      How it looks from my point is that your guys attention to the neon server is decreasing, but ofcourse i also know that you guys are very proud of this server, and the script, hence why you are not easy on giving any sort of access to the script. But your seemingly decreasing attention to the server is one of the reasons for me to ask you acces to the script. In my opinion you guys dont have much to lose since you are not playing on neon anyway. To me it looks like it's time to pass on the legacy to the people who are playing right now. ( which i know is hard because Neon is your baby)

      I'm not asking to just give the script away now as easy as 1,2,3. But we would like some information and understanding from your side. In this thread i basically wanna put all cards on the table, and i hope you guys do the same.

      What we want with the script? We would like to add some features to carball, which could increase our fun on carball. We don't want to change the gameplay itself or something, because as I've heard the script is complicated as fuck.

      I hope via this thread to get some kind of agreement regarding the script. Since i have absolutely no clue how scripting works i dont really know the options we have, and i hope other people can back me up here with some plans.

      I hope everyone comments on this thread to tell how they think about all this.

      To be honest I don't know
      where the script (uncompiled version) is. (I think Merlin has a copy)
      what version is running on the server (compiled version).
      who holds the rights to publish, modify, sell or copy the uncompiled code. (Probably Tjong for a big part, but Merlin added and changed a lot as well.)
      what was the exact reasoning the last time this request was made. Probably also copyright and stuffs. Maybe also that I dislike the idea of any idiot to host the script. Although I don't see us competiting really at the moment so I stopped caring much.

      But is it really that popular still? I mean there's Rocket League and didn't FFS make something out of their Carball mode?
      The nuts are refined! They take the coal!

      Firzen wrote:

      But is it really that popular still? I mean there's Rocket League and didn't FFS make something out of their Carball mode?

      Yes. It is still popular. We can easily get 40 people an evening as well as having 0 people playing on certain times. Rocket League is vastly different and apparently people still want to get into female Carball's ass. FFS' version sucks ass because their server is just a lagging rock, with a lot of physics not working correctly, many more bugs in comparison to us, and a large etcetera.

      Regarding to the thread. My opinion is known. I enjoy playing. I wouldn't mind way more features that what we already have. There's room to improve. In the end, I don't care what happens. The community is what keeps players coming here.

      Thanks to @Rio for the signature.
      As Frenk stated above the admins of Neon are keeping the server and website alive by as well financial side, however, creators and scripters of carball moved on with their life, but unfortunately, we did not. :cry: We are playing the game daily for hours, the player base is rather small, but very loyal and active.

      The active carball community still lives for the server and for most people, it is game that is basically part of their lives, most of the active players are playing it since 2012, what is already 7 years, they are playing the carball from the very beginning, because its something so epic and unique, even after so long time, they still love it, they truly do. And maybe this might be the fact you don't have to worry at all, if the community would have any bad intentions, they wouldn't be playing it for so many years, the community truly wants to only improve the carball, add new features, to bring new people, to grow, because this game mode has such potential, it is so sad that it is not as famous as it deserves it to be, and we would love to at least try to change that.

      Rocket league is a thing, but for me personally it's not as much fun as carball is, in case of carball in FFS, they added cool features which we would like as well, but the issue is, they tried to modify the gameplay mechanics, and by that, they completely ruined it. The carball itself in FFS is in terrible state, and for the most part even unplayable.

      We don't want you to script, we are aware that you moved on long time ago, the only thing we want is the script or access to it, as Frenk said we can discuss this for a possible agreement or if you would like to set any conditions. We have really trust-worthy scripters who would add things to the carball, so you wouldn't have to worry about that :notbad:
      @Merlin @Benne / Tjong
      Neon got some people with brain which know how to add some easy small scripts.
      As Frenk said already we dont wanna change the whole Server, but just look at the Background when you join neon carball its Season 3 wtf ?
      Neon could be so much more successful with some attention because FFS and Rocket League aren't compareable.
      This carball is a masterpiece, not like rocket league, not like any other modifications. We are still popular, pretty sure some adjustments would bring a lot more people than the current state, but as everyone said, it is still alive and doing well.

      It means a lot for us; personally, I have already collected loads of unique ideas to improve this game. I even started realizing some in a way that was available, hundreds of lines in excel; not even mentioning the effort done by the circle team and many more (mainly league and tournament organization, even referee academy). The efforts throughout the time was done with no expectations of further improvements of this carball, there is really nothing to lose. Whatever happens, we'll keep playing, because we enjoy it.

      I think we deserve this 'legacy', our loyalty is unquestionable at this point. Let's hope for the best!
      Like Frenk said, this was discussed multiple times so I dont care anymore. The only thing i have to add to this is that the Server got payed for 1 more year (also donated 25€) atleast, wich is a very long time. So for me there is no way, that some other scripter could abuse the access to the script and create his own server. Noone of the active Neon players would ever leave this server i guess. I would rather quit Carball and MTA completle then playing on another server. There are just these 2 options, give it a try and maybe Carball gains some players again, maybe of the old gen even or just let it die and we go down with it aswell.
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      Well before anything you will need to get Tjong & Merlin their permission. If that doesn’t work you can try to raise money and buy the license/carball from them. That means you can not distribute it :youdontsay: Then obviously you will need to find a scripter first else you just payed x.amount money for a bunch of lines you can’t do shit without.

      Soo basically time to search for this illusive magicman Merlin and search a field for that one potato; Tjong :bean:

      So.. is there a plan? Else there is also nothing to invest in :okay:

      First of all, I'd like you to think of Neon’s Carball community as a married couple. Some of us represent the man and others of us represent the woman. A successful marriage simply cannot live without fighting. No matter how much we've fought during Carball tournaments or just regular matches, I put my head in saying that we all love each other. Yes, Firzen, our Carball is still popular amongst a small (but enough) group.

      Now to the point. I'm sure that every one of us would spare some money to keep the server alive. If it comes to that. I will personally donate more money when I have the chance in the following months.

      About the script. Having the administration being indifferent to the development of Carball made me leave the clan and resign from all of my titles. But this is not about me.

      What Frenk, Kath, Deamonik, Barbawix and Partyz already said, I can support with 2 hands.

      Neon’s administration has nothing to lose anymore. It’s time to move on. If there is something that can be done with the script to be developed somehow, I beg you to allow it. I think that this community deserves it. After so many years we truly deserve it. We supported Neon and its servers for a long time. We need your support now.

      The technical part is beyond my knowledge. So please give us information on what can be done in this situation.

      Thank you!
      @Race I'm the women in my relationship..


      I've donated yearly even since I joined this server(For all that hate me, blame Frenk for that)will keep doing so.

      I totally agree with Race though, except for the marriage part, you wish I had married you Race.

      I might not play actively but still I care about the server and the players, even you Race!

      A few years back I've brought 2 MTA scripters(Yes 2 guys that developed MTA for us) to this server. Together with Tjong we had a discussion about handing it over so we could co tinue developing Carball, however my helping hand was turned down due to Tjong not willing to share the script, a year later he sold it to FFS(Actually a knife in my/ours back).

      I respect Tjong however for the decisions he has made in the past, I might not have agreed with it but as a creator of this game mode he only deserves respect.

      Tjong & Merlin, I'm quite sure you have read this thread. Time has come to let go of the script and hand it over to someone capable of keeping your creation like it is, with a few minor additions.

      Don't give it to Jason though, but someone stable with proof of MTA scripting. Jason you can help, but I know for a fact that this script is really really complicated and you surely will fuck up.

      When the time is there, contact me as I still have lines with the MTA team that are willing to help.