Well this is waaaay overdue :pokerface:

      You really think this would be my resignation? :pfftch:
      Well it is! :okay:

      For me the last 1-2 years I haven't joined Neon United like: ever
      So still being a moderator in United seems... inappropiate :pokerface:

      Also I'll be fair to say that I have lost interest and my pc has kinda died on me which doesn't help either :lol:
      I've always been more of a shooter, fun and DM(race) guy... When United launched it
      kinda started the end of an era for me. I'm also not such a huge carball fan and never really connected with it either.
      Probably some other other old players can relate. Don't get me wrong it is a great gamemode.

      To everyone I've played with in these 5 years or so, thanks guys I've always enjoyed my stay on the servers.
      I will always remember you Neon. :cuteness:

      On a sidenote:
      If wanted I can still do the maps.. not that there is a whole lot to manage but yeh.. :pokerface:
      if anyone ever wants a map on the server I can accomodate for that.
      I do check the forum on a daily basis so that I can keep doing.

      For now this is goodbye and I shall stay around :trollface:
      Note: This is only a resignation for my United membership, I will not resign from my community member rank.

      Yours truly,
      [img][/img] Image not found! :trollface: