Unban Request #freeburak

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      Unban Request #freeburak

      Nick: Burak

      Serial: i dont know i think 84004FE1CA8504145F7EE0F820F93853

      Admin / Member: Kath

      Date and time: 1-2 months ago

      The reason was: Ragequit and insult maybe

      I want to get an unban for him, because: he is a fantastic player and we have a very small playerbase in carball at the moment.
      Burak is one of the best Striker even if his character is very temperamentally.
      In my opinion is a permaban for ragequit tooo much anyway and should be reduced on maybe 1 week ban.
      The funniest fact is, that this permaban shit is ruining whole carball and kill it slowly.
      Because Admin X ban Player Y and Player Y is very active like daily online.
      but Admin X is online 1x per month, so we "lose" 2 players instead of an inactive admin.

      For sure Burak got banned very often but namer's "unban request" inspired me to write a proper unban request

      Jasonek wrote:

      F-22 or Plane and all the other wise guy's dont know the situation atm in carball.
      Maybe this rule was working 5 years ago when the server had more than 50 player per day

      But now we have to reduce this stupid rule imo.
      1 RQ = 1 Week Ban for example

      I was only quoted, but since you talk/refer directly to me, I think that if you act like an idiot and can't control yourself not to ragequit, you deserve to be banned.
      "People already got banned for less." - Bass

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      Jasonek wrote:

      Oh yes sorry i wrote that you have no idea how cb is atm, because you were not online since 1-2 years , my bad pls ban me for this bad insult ohoh police report incoming?

      There were kids that deserved bans back then, and by your behaviour I am sure there are kids who deserve them now. I did not ban Burak, I think I can't unban anyone, and I know Kath (who did ban him) still plays carball. Personally I never had any major problem with Burak (if we have the same one in mind), so please leave me out of this.

      You act as if keeping the server full of players is important to everyone here. Sad thing is that most do not care at all...
      "People already got banned for less." - Bass

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      But i care about Carball and there is a neon skype group , full with neon players which still care about carball.
      And Kath doesnt play Carball anymore atleast not active.
      Thats what i meant with hes maybe online 1x per month xd
      Btw im not a big buddy of burak, i just want him unbanned because hes good player and helpful to keep cb alive.

      If nobody cares about neon why keep banning player then?
      sry for bad english grammar but i had to hurry up

      over and out.


      This is going off topic. Just unban him. I banned him through serial so it got perm instantly, couldn't choose any duration.

      If anyone has time, please do so. I can't get into MTA in the following days.
      Thanks to @Rio for the signature.
      Sorry for being late, but I wanted to share a few words of mine for the sake of the community.

      To begin with: Burak has several issues other than what was listed here. He is aggressive, provocative and abusive. Not being able to handle a loss worked as a fuel to all the attributes above. Even before the excessive amount of abandoned matches we knew that this would be the outcome sooner or later.

      Continuing now and saying the obvious, the current state of the server is not giving your argument any validity. People who are unable to show any respect towards the community nor being able to find joy in just pure playing do not belong here.

      Carball is fun and not a competition, at least not now. We are lacking people, but we are not lacking those who still take it as a competition. Up to this day I still see frustration in some eyes when they are losing. I also see anger and quits. If you prefer expanding on the list of these people because you are blinded by the fact that you rarely play, you are going to ruin what is still remaining.
      We can have a friendly Community with 3 player
      or we have our
      rivalries and a little toxic tension with 10+ player.
      I prefer the second one ;)
      Maybe some of you guys dont like Burak and also i had some problems with him
      but rivalries keep everything alive if in reallife (MMA), Soccer like BvB and Bayern or in Carball Partyz and Burak.
      On the other hand, as soon as all people have finally been banned due to misbehaving, we can eventually close the Carball server. :megusta: :trollface: And from the last two posts I read from Burak I take he doesn't want to be unbanned and should not, because of his disgusting attitude.
      The nuts are refined! They take the coal!
      I thought the server is already closed
      On April 2014 the server discovered James.

      Clubs were searching for mascots and had problems so James invented animals.

      James showed once a boy how to aim at the goal, this boy is known today as Frenk.

      When James entered the server, Clubs requested for joining him.

      Before hard league matches starts, players are praying to James to gain strenght.