Minimum net donation amount raised to € 4.20

    • Neon

      Minimum net donation amount raised to € 4.20

      Hello Neons,

      in the past there have been several cases of people donating a few cents. While many a little makes a mickle, each donation takes a fixed amount of time and effort for me to process (update database, send a PM, update threads, update user forum rank). I am just not willing anymore to invest time in processing such small donations. It would cost me less to just add that amount from my own purse.

      Thus I have raised the minimal net donation amount to € 4.20, which would honor one with four weeks of Donator rank. You can still move your rest amounts from PayPal to Neon, but any donation below € 4.20 will get no special treatment. It will of course be added to the finances thread at some point, but I reserve the right to delay this to my delight (e.g. to bundle multiple changes).

      Feel free to comment, make jokes, criticize, threaten us with bombs or whatever...
      The nuts are refined! They take the coal!