The Fifth Assist

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      The Fifth Assist


      Welcome! Glad to announce an official tournament—for the very first time with me being an organizer—to colour up the carball scene. Without further description, please take a look below to see how the tournament will be constructed.


      The key that builds up the mindset and is being introduced for the first time ever: playing for assists. It encourages connection with the team and improves the quality of the games. Its main aim is to make people enjoy playing and not fighting, thus putting competitiveness slightly aside.


      With competitiveness being secondary—as mentioned earlier—the structure will be similar to the first season of the carball clash. That being said, there will be two grand teams led by two captains. These teams will be battling three times each week until the winning condition is reached. It is also important to mention that this time—contrary to the carball clash—no removal of players will happen.


      The condition of winning the tournament will be based on the following system. It is similar to the normal point system that were used in leagues with only a light twist which was already revealed in the title. In short: score more assists than your opponents.

      • 5 points for 5 assists: once a team reached 5 assists, the match is over—works as a knockout victory with further benefits.
      • 3 points for winning on assists: once the time is up, the score is decided by the amount of assists the teams gathered.
      • 1 point for equal amount of assists: both teams have the same amount by the end of the match.
      • 0 point for losing on assists: you need to at least have the same amount as your opponents to gain points.

      A quick summary: by the end of the match, we will be looking at the overall number of assists per team. 3 points for more, 1 point for equal, 0 point for lower number. If a team reach 5 assists at any point of the game, they instantly win 5 points and the match is over.


      Based on the point system, we decided to set a limit of 30 overall points. The first team to reach 30 points overall win the tournament.

      You may only keep 1 player from the previous formation for the next match. Besides that, you can only participate in 2 matches out of 3 per week, resulting in 6 different players playing each week. We call this rotation and the purpose of this is to keep all members close to the pitch.

      Instead of removing players from the tournament, we settled on this rather easy punishment. You will be able to block a player for the next 3 matches the player could participate in. That means they will not be able to play those matches. If the player cannot play the next match due to rotation, the block will last 4 matches.

      • If you manage to score 5 assists before the timer hits 4:59—so in ten minutes—you will be allowed to select any player (from the opposing side) that participated in the match to block for a week.
      • If you manage to score 5 assists before the timer hits 9:59—so in five minutes—you will be allowed to select any player (from the opposing side) to block for a week.

      You are allowed to score non assisted goals at any point of the game, but scoring own goals as an obvious time wasting maneuver is disallowed. It will be punished by taking 2 points away from the overall points. Referee decides.

      The type of own goals of which the shot was on target and the defender managed to touch the ball, but not to save, will be valid goals. If assisted, then both actions will be counted for the players. Hitting a post—unless the ball is clearly falling inside—will not be counted as a shot on target.

      • The common league standards for arena, vehicle, time control and playercount.
      • Maximum ping of 150 per player, 200 per team.
      • No cheating is allowed in any form.
      • No ramming is allowed in any form.
      • Wall kickoff can only be performed in the first half of the match, otherwise no results of that are counted. Referee announces.
      • Referee’s word is final. Video assistance may be provided. Any disagreement is overviewed after the game, not on the spot.
      • Switching during the game is allowed, but not recommended. Rotating rule applies to every player who participated, no matter for how long. Please notify the referee before switching.
      • Statistics are tracked. Referees shall take screenshots, but anyone can via F12 for safety reasons.


      Please leave a comment with your nickname and skype address to register. If you are part of the tournament skype-conversation, no need for skype address, but leave a comment anyway. Captains will be picked later on. No deadline, approximately 12-16 spots left.


      Let the assisting begin!