Application by Lockyn

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    Application by Lockyn

    Nick(s): Lockyn

    8th October 2002


    German, English

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    Something about your MTA-Career:
    Well my MTA Career has started a long time ago so I can't Remember everything on point. So I used to play with my friends on a private server and have some fun with the game itself. Eventually we switched to other servers like "Explosive Barrel Racing"(yeah who remembers that ?) or other fun server with lots of different gamemodes. My friends soon stopped playing so I kept playing and started playing more on Reallife Servers and Racing servers. On the Reallife server "Vio" I met "Maxi-" who introduced me to Neon. Since about the 20th of November I've been playing on Neon and I really enjoy it. That's really all I can clearly remember.

    Why do you want to join Neon?:
    I want to join the Neon Clan since I first of all have nothing else to do with my time anyway but more important if enough members start actively playing again this might help the server reach more and more Players over time.

    How can you support Neon or the community?:
    Well first of all I'm pretty active (more on the weekends because of work) so I know what is going on on the server and I can help keep the server friendly and welcoming for potentially new users. I've seen it countless times that new users get practically "kicked out" because other players are mean which leaves a bad memory of the Neon server. I will also help by finding bugs and reporting them. So far found quite a bunch of bugs, I mean I don't know how actively the bugs still get fixed but still worth reporting. I don't know exactly what your tasks as a Trial Member or member itself are but I guess I will find out about that if I make it into the clan and will try my absolute best to impress the others.
    I know this guy from the deathmatch days.

    Cool guy. Would give him a chance, as he is United-related as well. Has been playing for a long time for me to remember him :lol:

    It's a yes from me. :bitchplease: But I won't do the vote, that's up to our new Community Manager @Dani_ :pfftch:
    Thanks to @Rio for the signature.
    Still can't get over how quick Kath is. :lol:

    You meet the requirements.

    A vote has been started in which Neon Members will vote if you will begin a trialphase or not. You will need 51% in favour to become a Trial. You will get your results in 7 days, on the 4th of September, 2019, at 8:00pm CEST.
    Moderator and Community Manager.

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    Your trialvote has ended with 6 Members voting for trialship, and 0 for declining you.
    ( 100% / 0% )

    You will be a Trial, once your personal problems are solved and you return from inactivity. (send me a PM or post here when that happens)
    Moderator and Community Manager.

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