FPS problem

      FPS problem

      Hey, folks.
      I'm writing this thread here hoping that someone would help me out. I got a new PC (didn't want to spend a lot though, cuz the only game I would play on PC is MTA; got a PS4 for FIFA mainly).

      So I got like 4 GB of RAM, 2.30 GHz Processor with its standard graphic card. I know it's nothing special as a system.
      MTA is not that heavy though, I didn't expect to get such a low FPS... It goes around 70, but playing on very low resolution and everything.

      As far as I remember, Neon's FPS limit has never been 100. Now I don't know how this reflects on the FPS itself.
      When I went to the FFS Carball server, the FPS limit was 60. And I had 60 FPS. So I don't know what's the problem when I play in Neon.

      Maybe it would be a solution if the FPS limit is lower?
      I really wanna play Carball again so If anyone has a suggestion, would appreciate it.
      You can manually limit your own FPS in MTA and see if that helps on the gameplay somehow.

      I think our Carball always had 100 as the limit (can be called no-limit, since that is the maximum FPS you can set for a server), and before the FPS Counter being added to the scoreboard it wasn't certain how much FPS the player had without an external program, MSI Afterburner for example.

      This gamemode is by far not the most optimized, if you are trying to play in Full HD, I would consider having 30 fps decent, that is with older integrated graphics, not to meantion the CPU itself.

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      gta:sa on onboard gpu :pokerface: I don't know the specs of onboard gpu's nowadays but... :pokerface: :pokerface: :pokerface: You might wana get like a cheap-o gpu

      Also I don't get what you mean, are you getting too low fps or high?
      Because I read something about 100, you want to hit 60 but you hit 70 :pokerface: :pokerface: :pokerface:

      fix: buy a gpu :bitchplease: