Neon Christmas Carball Tournament 2019 - Blood, Sweat and Balls

    Neon Christmas Carball Tournament 2019 - Blood, Sweat and Balls


    First of all, I am aware that this might not work out, but all you need to know is that I'm doing it for the very tiny Carball community that we have left. We don't have many active players, but we could still play a tournament like that. I am aware that the last tournaments were cancelled, because X and Y reasons, but I am gonna try my best not to be the case here. This tournament is gonna be different than the others, because I will give you 0 reasons to complain. The tournament's rules will show you that. Feel free to register, I'm organizing it for you. If the majority is not interested, then we don't play a tournament and that's it. But I think you should participate, because we've never had a tournament like that and that tournament will give us motivation for new tactics and so on. That's what I think of course, I might be totally wrong, but I'm gonna try it.

    The tournament's name says it all - Blood, Sweat and Balls. The most important thing here - ramming will be allowed here, so this what you need balls for. Blood and Sweat is what we can expect out of it. Only the most obvious lag goals will be cancelled. The referee will basically be a formality.

    The tournament will begin only if we gather the minimum of teams registered, which is 4.


    Neon Christmas Carball Tournament 2019

    Blood, Sweat and Balls

    <>Table of contents<>

    Facts about the tournament
    Date and time of the matches
    Goal cancellation

    1. Facts about the tournament

    • Knockout stage if the teams we have are 4
    • Groups and a point system if we have at least 8 teams
    • The registration is open until 07.12.2019. If we don't have enough teams by that date, that would be the end of it
    • The minimum of teams playing in this tournament will be 4
    • The maximum of players each club can have in tournament will be 4
    • The referee will cancel only the most obvious sync goals (high speed, lag, extreme sync)
    • Matches will be played in Neon Soccer arena and will last 15 minutes

    2. Rules

    • Maximum Ping: 150
    • Minimum FPS: 25
    • ONLY the most obvious invalid goals can get canceled by the referee
    • You ARE NOT ALLOWED to change your team within the tourny
    • Ramming is FORBIDDEN
    • Ramming just before the kickoff so someone can't do it FORBIDDEN (Kalamir, regular kickoff, doesn't matter).
    • Kalamir kickoff will be only allowed throughout the first half of the game (the first 7:30 minutes). Any Kalamir kickoff after that will result a warning. Any attempt after the warning will result arena kick of the player.

    3. Goal cancelation

    The goals will only be cancelled if there is a massive sync, lag or the like. Own goals which look like a block, but the speed of the ball is normal will be valid. Referees will asses every situation and make a decision. There will be at least 2 referees for each match.

    4. How to set up matches and when does it begin?

    Every match will get a Skype group where the time and date are gonna be discussed. The first date when players can arrange their matches will be on December 15th 2019.

    5. Your application

    Team name:

    Team Leader's name:
    Team Leaders skype:
    Players' names:

    Teams registered [4]

    (Bambi, Barbawix, Jason)

    Next Generation
    (Deamonik, Frenk, Hero, Partyz)

    The #Snakes
    (Hepy, Ivo, Race)

    Flame Falcons
    (Drogba, Ray, Spyro)

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    Due to then lack of players, I set the limit to 3 players per team since the very beginning and this is NOT going to change. Don't say that one player doesn't make a difference or the like, because trust me, it does. So team “Next Generation” can either participate with 3 players or skip the tournament. This is as far as I'm concerned. If anyone of them would like to take over the tournament, do it the way you like. Put 6 players in a team if you would. But I'm the organizer of this tournament so this is how I decided to be, I think its better for a bigger amount of teams. Also, like I said, this tournament will not be played if teams aren't enough by the deadline day. Taking off my time to organize it, but it's not a must. That's it. Take it or leave it.
    I respect the rules. I just don't understand how a tournament that originally allowed ramming cannot accept a team of four instead of three. I wanted to have fun, but I guess I'll leave it then...

    PS: The previous tournament went down with randomly generated problems due to not knowing a single rule, so I don't understand how certain people became an expert of rules by now. It is just funny. Besides that, rules should always benefit the tournament, see how ramming rule got removed eventually. This has been posted two weeks ago and only two teams registered. I really don't see the point how removing our registration is beneficial.
    If the rules says that you can only participate with max 3 players I dont understand why you register 4 xD And i also dont know why you are bitching around when your getting told that this isnt possible... The other point I have to agree atleast with Party is why we changed the ram rule as it was an essencial part of the tourny. If you are strict with the 3 player rule (and i support that rule and your way to handle this) im a bit disappointed that you let down the other rule.
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    You are totally right. I shouldn't have done this, because people will always find something to whine about. So pathetic. It would become a shit show when it comes to some referee’s decision. So what I'm gonna do is wait when/if we have enough people for this tournament and after that I'm gonna make a discussion with the captains about ramming. There will be a quick vote about that. BUT the 3 players per team rule STAYS and is not gonna change in this tournament (if it starts).
    Yep It's my bad, when i registered us I didn't know there is a rule of a max 3 players, simply because i didn't read it in the thread above, and I really didn't count with possibility of someone putting such rule there in the first place. As it is simply contra productive, this being an example. But that's totally fine, we weren't that excited for the tourney tbh, just wanted to have fun and mess around :) As this case is closed, I wish you good luck in the tourny and that you find enough teams to play with :lol:
    Yes. Act like you don't care. But this might be one of the last Carball tournaments we would have. A rule like that is not something crazy, and it's not counter productive, it's the opposite - less players in a team results more teams... so screw your logic.

    To all players who have not registered yet:
    If I were you and still had something in me that enjoyed Carball, I would register for this tournament, because one day you will miss this. I'm not doing this for us to argue about minor stuff like that. I'm doing this for fun. So put your ego aside and register. Same goes for NG. Be serious.


    Team name: The #Snakes
    Team Founder's name: Ivo#S
    Players' names:

    - Hepy#S
    - Ivo#S
    - Race#S

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    I would love to play, however I'm not back from my trip till mid february. However I wish we could make another in the future if time permits.

    I do see why there is a 3 player restriction and lets just put our differences apart and see if we can make this happen. Would be nice to have a tournament as a league in this community is doomed to fail.

    So now all put your dicks away and start making teams!
    well the thing is, race and i had a small discussion on how to improve tournys and try to prevent stupid stuff that makes the tournament/league end early.

    the 3 player restriction has been made so we could actually form more and also more competent teams, instead of like 2-3 good teams with many great players.
    The rest of the teams which might be a bit weaker and dont have a good standing in the tournament would most likey just disband or leave/rq the tourny cause they dont see a point in playing.
    This could make the tourny then more interesting with more good teams.

    also, every player in the team gets to play every game which is important to me, and i guess some others too idk. i mean its a tournament, u kinda wanna win and id like to play every game even if i lose.

    An other improvement for the tourny would be to make the duration a bit shorter. as weeks and maybe months go by, people either lose interest or are getting busy with some other stuff and well, just leave the tourny. Better end and complete a tournament to its fullest instead of quitting it early cause of some stupid reasons.
    shorter successful tournys = maybe more tournys in the future

    But Tbh, i dont really care anymore if you are as 4, 3 or dont play the tourny at all. it probably wont make a difference in the end if 1 team has 4...idk.. maybe im wrong. As long as it stays with 1 team having 4 players then ok...
    No offense but i just dont get the drama about this. Rule is Rule. why all this drama when u say you dont care about the tourny and wont anticipate? but you all still keep talking about it... so idk... ??? ...
    also sad to see that many people here only want to play with the same people and dont wanna form teams with different players. i mean i kinda get it, chem, attitude, atmosphere etc. ... but cmon there are still alternatives even though we are a small community xd

    but as ive said, idc anymore about this case, do what you want im not the organiser.

    ps: skeler