Application by Veterano

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    Application by Veterano

    First of all
    Who am I: my name and Henrique, I'm Brazilian, I'm 17 years old

    My career at MTA: Game MTA turns 9,I started on Freeroam servers, my friends showed me a new game mode that was RacerDM, I met servers like: EPG / FFS and Neon Fun Server and others, I already participated in some communities like: ttw and UnitGames, the reason for having left because they closed, I will not tell my whole career, otherwise, this Application will be just Stories of min in mta,if you understand me

    I want to become a member of the community because I am a good person, I can help any player, I am an Active Player, I really like this community and I want to take it to the top

    Thanks for reading my application to [Ne], I hope you enjoyed it.
    Have a nice day! :D

    Firzen wrote:

    When can I apply?
    As soon as you want to, but only once a month. You can't. A current Community Member has to nominate you and start a vote for you.

    You are declined!
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