What is your favorite videogame? (PC, Console, etc.)

      Jazz Jackrabbit 2
      Captain Claw
      NFS Porsche
      NFS Underground 2
      NFS Most Wanted
      Mount & Blade
      Mafia II
      Neon Carball

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      Top 10
      ANNO 1404
      ANNO 1800
      Assassin's Creed 2 / Brotherhood / Revelations
      GTA V
      The Witcher 3
      Fallout 4
      Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor / War

      Honorable Mentions

      (games I like/d besides the Top 10 and would always play again or played for a long time)

      Assassin's Creed series
      ANNO 2070
      The Settlers 3-6
      GTA III / Vice City / San Andreas + MTA / IV / Liberty & Vice City Stories
      Battlefield 3 & 4
      Half Life series
      Garry's Mod
      Counter Strike 1.6 / Source / GO
      Left 4 Dead 1 & 2
      Portal 1 & 2
      Resident Evil series (all without 7)
      CoD 2 & 4 (LAN parties)
      Stardew Valley
      Just Cause 2 & 3
      NFS Most Wanted 1 & 2 + Carbon
      The Sims 1-3
      Guild Wars
      The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age
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      0. Subzero: Rollercoaster tycoon 1+2
      1. Mass Effect 1-3
      2. Titanfall
      3. Gta:V
      4. OpenTTD/TransportFever2/Factorio
      5. Euro Truck Simulator 2
      6. Planet Claster
      7. NFS: Underground 1&2
      8. Pummel Party
      9. Unreal tournament 2k4 (sadly dead hard to find players online)
      10. Cities skylines

      Cool game that didn't make the list: Bomberman the old one was epic on a LAN party :lol: and Unreal Tournament '99, good good stuff that :megusta: and Def. check out Quantum Break really cool story/movie/game that looks stunning imo.
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      2.Quantum Break
      3.Garry's Mod
      4.Half-Life 2
      6.Geometry Dash
      7.Mirror's Edge: Catalyst
      9.Team Fortress 2

      Honorable mentions: Half-Life: Opposing Force challenging, interesting story. Roblox is good, but it's getting worse and worse.
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