Application by xTiime aka. SeiiX.

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      Application by xTiime aka. SeiiX.

      Application by xTiime aka. SeiiX:

      Nick(s): SeiiX.

      Birthdate: 16th December 1996

      Country: Germany

      Languages: German, English

      Contact-Information: || E-Mail: || Discord: SeiiX.#2599||

      Something about your MTA-Career:

      I started with MTA around 2013 on Neon Race. At that time I became aware of Neon through Sapphire (Maybe one or the other is still known)
      A lot of my real friends were playing on Neon at that time. ( YoungBIG, Oli_AA, Sapphire, Unreachable etc. ) This time was unforgettable and hardly any game was so much fun with all the people back then. Back then I actually only played Neon and FFS and generally only DM.

      Why do you want to join Neon?:
      Neon shaped my youth. And now I unfortunately have to say that the DM mode is almost as extinct. This is really sad and I would like to change it again.

      How can you support Neon or the community?:

      I want to focus on DM. I hope I can bring the old and new people back. I want to bring DM mode back to life.
      Unfortunately, many things about the DM mode were better than they are today. Maybe you can change something about it again.
      I also want to see that everyone abides by the rules and have fun with the DM Mode.

      PS: Sorry 4 bad English and thanks 4 reading my Application