Application by Frenk

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    Application by Frenk

    The Netherlands
    Dutch, English, German
    Discord: Frenk_N#0012

    Something about your MTA-Career:
    I started playing MTA around 2012. Back then first on SAES, a roleplay server, and a Dutch DM server. Quickly i found the Neon server and enjoyed the carball mode immediatly. I liked this mode and community so much i kept playing till this day forward. I even joined the Neon clan a few years ago but left because i lost interest in the clan itself.

    Why do you want to join Neon?:
    I feel like the Neon Carball server is really alive at this point with the corona virus going on and the upcoming tournament aswell. I thought u guys could use another pair of hands to mute and ban these fuckers.

    How can you support Neon or the community?:

    I am very active on the carball server and also have experience as admin on the Neon server.
    You meet the requirements!

    Due to your Ex-member status you don't have to go through the Trial phase, so a Member vote has been started for you.
    You will get your results in 3 days, on the 18th of April.

    Good luck!