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    Nick(s): Too many; You've heard the story
    Birthdate: Actual birthday is 14.11.1997
    Country: Bulgaria Brute
    Languages: Bulgarian, English, Russian + developing my fookin Spanish due to a lot of Mexicans existing in my life
    Contact-Information: Discord: Maestro Race#6333
    Something about your MTA-Career: Something!? Everything about my MTA-Career is related to this green creature that Firzen and Norman found. Check this out too, good stuff. Race's Revelation... or not quite his Quoting Bass "This killed me somehow. Biggest plot twist since Vader told Luke, that he is his father." I could go back every day to this and enjoy it in a good way.
    Why do you want to join Neon?: Because Covid-19 pandemic could be the end of each one of us and I want to die (eventually) as a Neon member. Because Neon is love, Neon is life. Anything else I say would be worthless.
    How can you support Neon or the community?: First thing I'd like to say is a quote by Fabian, which is pretty much the same as far as I go: "a good sense of self humiliating" given the recent Carball reality for me. It's okay, we've all had our ups and downs. Due to my pauses throughout those 5 years, I am where I am. Beside that, I could only support the Neon's Carball community like I always have and I always will. This is the moment when I can say that no matter what happened between me as a Section Leader and Neon's Regulars, Administrators and so on, I've always backed Neon and Neon's Carball.

    I am aware of most members' past experience with me. This is why I'd accept any decision by them.

    Thanks for reading.

    Race wrote:

    Nick(s): Too many; You've heard the story
    WHO ARE YOU NOW!? :rageface: :rageface: :rageface: :fuckingkidding: :okay:
    It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. - Albus Dumbledore
    Passwords are like toilet paper. Don't reuse, don't share ones you've used, and no one should be asking to see what you've used. - Unknown
    Well, this was unexpected.

    Since you are an ex-Section Leader, a Section Leader vote has been... Oh, oh. :bitchplease:

    A vote has been made and you will get your results in three days, at the 26th. Since you had been a member in the past, you will have an insta-member option in your poll.
    Thanks to @Rio for the signature.
    Do we post the ban vote results here as well? :pondering:
    "People already got banned for less." - Bass