Interest Poll May 2020

      Interest Poll May 2020

      Would you be interested in a Neon Minecraft Server? 23
        Yes (9) 39%
        No (11) 48%
        I would, but I don't own the game. (3) 13%

      I am interested in knowing if you all would like to play on a Minecraft server for the Neonians.

      The server would be vanilla, as I do not think there are powerful enough PC's to support mods for all the players. It would also be for Minecraft Java, and not Bedrock. Please check which edition you own, although most likely it will be the Java one.

      As for rules, they would be under the Neon Mine Rules.

      Please vote to show if you are interested or not.

      If you would want to play, you will have to own Minecraft. That is, that you will have to have the Premium/paid version.

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      Doubleposting because I got an inquiry through Discord.

      If you are one of those that didn't migrate your Mojang account to one from Microsoft with the whole buy-out that happened years ago, check this link on how to procceed: Minecraft Log In – Home , and more especifically, this one: Mojang Account .

      It used to be that you logged in with an username instead of an email. Since Microsoft happened, the username login didn't exist no more and got replaced by an email login instead.

      Luckily with that link you will have no problem recovering either your email, if you forgot, or your password.

      Thanks to @Rio for the signature.