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      Nick: #~JoKer~
      Serial: 20FB3C8F6020D9E7226F2131C49CB544
      Admin / Member: Idk, doesn't tell.
      Date and time: Maybe 3 weeks ago, not sure.
      The reason was: Using 'Adolf Hitler' as a profile nickname and picture.
      I want an unban, because: using that nick was meaning no offense or harm, was just for fun and i appologize as it turned out to be this wrong and offensive, lesson to be learned tho.I also helped the community here by creating cards' template as well as being friendly and picking no fight with no one, being nothing but an angelic creature who's here to have fun. To crown, im asking for an account unban or atleast give me the opportunity to create a new one. Thanks.
      Hey JoKer,

      I was the one who banned you. The reason was not that you were using that name only, but also because you were writing profanities.

      I have started an unban vote for you. You will get your results in three days, as standard.

      Thanks to @Rio for the signature.