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    Application by PanaSonic

    Application by PanaSonic

    Nick(s): PanaSonic!
    Birthdate: May 16th, 2003
    Country: Honduras
    Languages: English,Spanish
    Contact-Information: Discord: Aleanousky(Panasonic)#6742
    Something about your MTA-Career: I started on mta back in 2013 when only those cheeky freeroam servers and zombie ones where poppin at that time and also because my pc at the time wasnt keeping up with recent titles, so thats pretty much how I ended up on this fabulous gta sa modification.
    Why do you want to join Neon?: Because I want to make history! I want to be part of neons showcase as the First Latin Moderator! My main inspiration is that I would see myself as a pioneer as a messager kind of because I think I am the only user to interact with both communitys being the English one and the Latin(Spanish) one, Since I know a lot of English even my comrades from the spanish community seek help on me in order to get messages onto you guys! and it would be a huge privilege for me to form part of such an amazing staff formed on this community that neon gaming is.
    How can you support Neon or the community?:
    I will support it as an important pilar if we could call it like that. How?
    Well.... Basically everyone from Germany is asslep when all the action happens in the spanish side so thats when I come in I would take action on muting toxic players(neccesary) and informing my superiors about any discrepancies regarding the spanish community which I dont think I would have the neccesity to do so because of how im planning to manage things up over here in my side. You guys would wonder hmm but who will supervise me? Well I consider myself an honest person and as a human being we I am not perfect, but I swear that I will bring honour to the tag and make my work as neat as possible by moderating and even taking part of the bigger staff on a future!

    Thank you so much guys! Have A Nice Day! :D <3

    Future Super Saiyan.
    You meet the requirements.

    A vote has been started in which Neon Members will vote if you will begin a trialphase or not. You need 51% in favour to become a Trial. You will get your results in 3 days, on the of 11th of June, 2020, at 0:00 CEST. Good luck!

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