Can't connect to Neon Unlimited

    Can't connect to Neon Unlimited

    Hello, I had this problem today, was trying to connect to the server but it seems to never stop charging, the chat is visible and when I tried to look in the console this message got my attention:
    "ERROR: Infinite/too long execution (sandbox)"

    I hope someone can help me out with this problem, have a nice day.
    Ive had this problem aswell I would recommend you to do the following:
    1. Rejoin the sv(duh)
    2.Restart MTA
    3.Try connecting directly onto the server by placing the ip in the bar and pressing connect.
    4.Reinstall MTA only if problem persists.

    Is your GTA San Andreas a clean copy? If thats not the case then Img mods such as textures or cars could be interfering with the sv itself.

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    This is why the server is so ultimately exlusive for years - most people give up after the infinite loading screen. It's like a secret entrance, known only to the most dedicated players. :pokerface:

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