Application by #Drowsee aka Goku

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    Application by #Drowsee aka Goku

    Application by Goku

    Nick(s): #>Goku<#
    Birthdate: 3th September, 1999
    Country: Chile
    Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese
    Contact-Information: Discord: Discord 「S๏ภG๏Ҝu」#8739
    Something about your MTA-Career: I started playing mta in 2013 with a classmate, I remember we were playing zombie roleplay servers or sometimes we would go into playing minigames until the day we decided to create a dragon ball server with maps, skins and vehicles among several other things as it was our favorite childhood series until today we continue with the beautiful project
    Why do you want to join Neon?: It was a long time ago that I wanted to join this great community with a great story, but because they spoke English, I found it unattainable. Now I’m speaking more or less, but somehow it can be improved, I want to join neon so that I can help this community and correct the mistakes of some Latino who has disrespected the community or some member, I want to show how we really are.
    How can you support Neon or the community?:
    I can contribute in any way you want. mainly I would like to help while the other members are absent, that is to say to do the right thing as befits and not to let some toxicos enter to do what they want as long as this no member stops it, always doing everything with respect and seriousness.

    thank you very much for your attention, have a nice day.
    Your vote has ended with 6 members voting for trialship and none against.

    You are now a Trial. Please check the Trials' Area and ask there whatever question you might have.

    Also, please, change your forum name to the nick you usually use ingame. (Settings -> Account Management -> New username)

    Thanks to @Rio for the signature.

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