Application by PanaSonic

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      Application by PanaSonic

      Nick(s): PanaSonic!
      Birthdate: May 16th, 2003
      Country: Honduras
      Languages: English,Spanish,French(a lil bit),Portuguese(currently learning)
      Contact-Information: Discord: Aleanousky(Panasonic)#6742
      Something about your MTA-Career:I started to play mta back in 2013 wandering around freeroam servers and zombie themed ones, since my pc wasnt that good back then mta was the only thing I could play and now I always play it often since it is one of the games ive got more hours into.
      Why do you want to join Neon?: Because of how the latin community has grown lately and that I would like to grant a helping hand on everything involved in moderating and that regards of my past behaviour Ive changed for good and that I would be glad to be part of the neon staff again.
      How can you support Neon or the community?: I would help by muting toxic players and letting everyone know that they gotta respect the rules such as only english in global chat plus I will provide aid for those new players who need it in an attempt for expanding this growing community.

      Thank You So Much For Reading I wish you have a nice day.
      Future Super Saiyan.
      You meet the requirements.

      A vote has been started in which Neon Members will vote if you will begin a trialphase or not. You need 51% in favour to become a Trial. You will get your results in 3 days, on the of 19th of July, 2020, at 0:00 CEST. Good luck!
      Moderator and Community Manager.

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