Sticky Donation December 2021

      Donation December 2021

      Hello members, players and users of Neon,

      I hereby want to announce our Donation December 2021.
      I'm sure you missed it last year. And the year before. Yes, the last one was 2018. How good the times were back then. I'm gonna be very honest with you and summarize the facts:

      There will be no updates! No Carball update, no United update. :no:
      Donations are used for paying the server. The server is the computer running our MTA servers, our forum, Mumble, Teamspeak (or does it? :bitchplease: ), Minecraft and whatever else we have started in the past and forgot to shutdown. This computer stands somewhere in a room in Frankfurt, which is rented or owned by Hetzner.
      The server costs € 24 per month.
      There is no option to move Carball/United to a cheaper server, because there is nobody, who would do that.
      There will be no updates! No Carball update, no United update. :okay:
      Also, the gamemodes will not be released publicly or copied to a server owned by someone else than me for the simple reason that I don't feel like I have the right to do that with the gamemodes, which have been developed mostly by Tjong and Merlin. I don't have contact to Merlin anymore.
      We have € 191.60 for 2022 thanks to two recent generous donations. One about € 100 by an anonymous donor and one about € 140.96 by Mechanic. That means almost 8 months are already paid.
      If Neon runs out of funds the server will likely keep running for a while, but I then reserve the right to wipe everything and do a fresh start (because I would be paying it alone then) and that would mean I wouldn't bother to re-setup Carball or United. I don't know what I would do with the forum.
      There will be no updates! No Carball update, no United update. :foreveralone:

      Everyone donating until January 15th 2022 will receive the normal Donator time as a thankyou or the following bonuses exclusive to Donation December:

      In case we get € 288 or more, everyone who donated at least € 5 will receive 1 year Donator.
      1 year Financier (incl. Donator) for all who donated at least € 50.


      € 372.15 / € 288.00

      The following money transfer methods are supported:
      PayPal Friend Money Transfer (usually without fees!)
      Bank Transfer ATTENTION: If you have bank account data from the last donation, do NOT use it. Request updated ones via PM or the like! The old bank account does not exist anymore. (Trusted Neon members :neon: only) (request the bank account data via PM)
      The minimum net donation amount stays at € 0.45 (net).
      Only donations submitted until 15th January 2022 are affected by this offer.
      All decisions are final. By donating, one does not enter into a contract of sale with anyone. A donor may be rewarded with a limited special status.

      (Point at underlined parts to show further explanations.)

      NameDonation [€]
      Benne / Tjong
      (187.3 %) 180.55
      The nuts are refined! They take the coal!

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      Ok due to the big demand, I can solemnly announce, that the server got reopened. At the weekend we got a big party to celebrate a new era of Neon Carball! Everyones invited as long as you bring your own food and drinks. Keep in mind, that everyone who donates till then, gets a free cookie baked by Firzens grandmother!

      Have a good night!
      Kind regards,
      >> Community Member <<
      Szymon27's present came early this year. Thanks for € 50. :notbad:
      Benne / Tjong needed to get rid of some money (€ 55.55) due to tax reasons. :milk:
      Crannock wanted to help saving his favorite gameserver, Neon Carball, with € 25 :cuteness:
      The nuts are refined! They take the coal!

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