Sticky Neon Rules [Update: 13.04.2013]

    Neon Rules [Update: 13.04.2013]

    Name: Neon (former NeoN GaminG)
    Tags: [Ne], [Ne*]
    Date of Foundation: 20th March 2008
    Founders: Firzen, Flash
    Focus: multigaming
    Form: democratic
    Language(s): German, English
    Colors: neongreen, black, silver

    abuse of rights
    transfer of login data, account data or similar to unauthorized
    usage, publication or abuse of a Member's personal, private, intimate or secret (“real life”) information in any arbitrary way without whose agreement
    attacks against or unnecessary load on one of our servers (e.g. spamming, flooding)
    exploitation of (security) holes
    aggressive, racist, deprecative, illegal, insulting, discriminating or propagating actions and expressions
    advertisement for anything that is not part of the clan, if not permitted explicitly
    fraud and lie

    freedom of expression
    starting votes or participating in votes when possible with the own forum rights

    Prohibitions for Members
    being affiliated with a group pursuing an activity the member already pursues in a Neon Section
    using foreign tags on a Neon server

    Requirements for Members
    regular informing about all respectively relevant rule changes
    usage of the respective Neon clantag whenever possible and reasonable

    a vote is a poll which aims at a decision being made by a democratic majority
    a vote can be declined due to invalidity, if
    it has not been started or performed in the official Neon forum or one of it's subforums
    the question, the reqest or rather the decision's description is not verbalized clearly
    the question, the request or the decision's description has been changed after the vote's start
    the amount of possible answers or rather decisions shows intolerable gaps
    the vote lasts or lasted for less than 24 hours or for more than seven days
    the same or a similar vote has been performed within the last seven days
    the vote's result is not compliant to our rules
    the person responsible for executing the resulting decision has to answer on the vote as soon as possible
    the person responsible for executing the resulting decision has to explain the vote's consequences as clearly as possible
    the person responsible for executing the resulting decision may reject the vote's result for a legitimate reason

    threads and postings should be posted in the right subforum if possible
    one should use the edit feature to prevent follow ups
    postings must not get edited so that their main statement changes, if they already have been answered
    pornographic, youth endangering or illegal contents or links are not permitted
    spamming, crossposting, flaming, trolling and pushing are forbidden
    one should let the moderators do the moderation
    one should write as objective and readable as possible

    topic channels should be used in the right way unasked or at least after the first request
    a private channel may have a maximum total of seven subchannels

    moderator is, who contracted into conscientiously moderating a medium (server, ...) towards a medium manager (section leader, administrator, ...) and thus has moderative abilities (mute, kick, ban, ...) on this medium
    moderative member is, who has moderative abilities on a medium due to their rank
    moderators should, moderative members may take care of compliance with the rules and the punishment of infringements
    moderative abilities must not be abused to enforce own interests, unless those own interests correspond to the rules
    the punishment of an infringement is to choose so that it prevents a repetition of the infringement within a limited period after it happened, but restricts as few as possible
    a punishment's duration of effect should be increased with each punishment of the same infringement, thus the first punishment of an infringement should have a comparatively short duration of effect
    the limit of the duration of effect of a punishment is one year, if obtained through a moderator and 30 days, if obtained through a moderative member

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