Sticky Donating | How and why?

      Donating | How and why?

      4 weeks Donator ≙ € 4.20
      1 year (12 months) Financier ≙ € 50 in total within 365 days


      Use this link: PayPal.Me
      We'll only count the net amount of the donated money! I.e. you pay the transaction fee. You can donate less than € 4.20 net, but you won't receive anything for that. After you donated, send me a PM with the PayPal address you sent the money from and the amount.

      Desired Donator TimeGross Amount (Brutto)Net Amount (Netto)FeeEfficiency
      1 Day-.51 €-.15 €-.36 €29 %
      3 Days-.82 €-.45 €-.37 €55 %
      7 Days1.43 €1.05 €-.38 €73 %
      14 Days2.50 €2.10 €-.40 €84 %
      30 Days4.94 €4.50 €-.44 €91 %
      90 Days14.12 €13.50 €-.62 €96 %
      180 Days27.88 €27.- €-.88 €97 %
      365 Days56.17 €54.75 €1.42 €97 %
      n Days<net amount> + <fee>0.15n €(0.15n * 0.019 + 0.35) €<net amount> / <gross amount>

      PayPal Table Explanation
      The table above shows you what net amount would reach us for different donation amounts. All information is subject to change. The values apply only to donations from Europe in Euro, other rules apply to different currencies. The calculations base on the PayPal default fee of 1.9 % + € -.35 per transaction. The efficiency somehow shows how much of your donation's worth gets preserved. The higher it is the better.
      If the donator time in the table is green, this example has been successful at least once so the chance is high that the calculated values of this row are correct. Otherwise they may be wrong, but in most cases it'll be about ± € 0.01.

      Paysafe Card
      Send me a PM with one or more PaysafeCard Codes.
      Only german :flag-de: Paysafecards will work.
      Limit is € 25 per code.
      It's only possible for me to fetch all the rest balance from a code.

      Other payment methods?
      There are currently no other payment methods available.
      See also Public statement concerning mobile donation if you planned to donate via mobile phone donation.

      Neon is a non-profit clan/community, but we all, Administrators, Section Leaders, Members, etc. are normal people without a gold-shitting mule in the basement so we decided to kind of crowd-fund everything the clan needs.
      That means everything of Neon that costs money has been or actually is financed through donations of members and players.
      You can play on our servers for free as often and long you want to, but if you like what we do and/or provide you could support us with a donation of any amount (it's your choice).
      As a thankyou we'll grant you the rank of a Donator for a limited time, depending on the amount of money you donated.
      We have three different levels of donation ranks: Donators, Financiers and Associates. For more information about these ranks please visit the Neon ranks thread.
      For information of the special features granted to Donators visit the respective ranks threads of our sections and search for Donator there. They'll give you an overview about the functions that are available exclusively to Donators.

      Neon ist ein(e) non-profit Clan/Community, aber wir alle, Administratoren, Section Leader, Mitglieder usw. sind auch nur normale Menschen ohne goldscheißenden Esel im Keller und daher haben wir uns dafür entschieden, alles, was der Clan so braucht quasi durch crowd-funding zu finanzieren.
      Das heißt, dass alles von Neon, was irgendwie Geld kostet, von Mitgliedern und Spielern durch Spenden finanziert wurde oder wird.
      Ihr könnt so oft und lange für umsonst auf unseren Gameservern zocken, aber falls ihr mögt, was wir hier so machen, könntet ihr uns durch eine Spende unterstützen. Der Betrag ist beliebig (eure Entscheidung).
      Als Dankeschön werdet ihr den Rang Spender (Donator) für einen begrenzten Zeitraum, dessen Länge je nach Spendenbetrag variiert, bekommen.
      Wir haben drei verschiedene Spenderränge: Spender, Finanzier und Teilhaber. Nähere Informationen über diese Ränge entnehmt ihr bitte dem Neon Ränge Thread.

      Informationen über die Extrafunktionen in den jeweiligen Sections könnt ihr in deren Regelthreads nachlesen. Sucht dort einfach nach Donator oder Spender (je nach Sprache). Dort solltet ihr eine Übersicht über die exklusiven Spenderfunktionen finden.
      The nuts are refined! They take the coal!

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      Fee and net amount tables

      [ 09.09.2012, 10:09 CEST ]
      I added two tables that show some calculated values for fees that apply and resulting net values. Please take into consideration that I cannot guarantee the correctness of these values. The ones marked green have been tested at least once and seem to be correct. No guarantee for those anyway. There's a good chance that the error is only 0.01 € if a value is wrong (rounding error).

      IMPORTANT: Please write me a PM with the PayPal address and name of the account that sent the money as soon as you donated, otherwise it's difficult to impossible to assign the donation to a user.
      The nuts are refined! They take the coal!

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      We don't take Paysafecards anymore. Reason is that the method to transfer the Paysafecard value onto my bank account now costs € 7.50 (as of 2 Jan 2016).
      The good news is that you should now be able to donate via Paypal without fees.

      Wir nehmen keine Paysafecards mehr. Grund ist, dass die Rücküberweisung, also die Übertragung des Paysafecard-Werts auf mein Konto, nun 7,50 € kostet (Stand: 2. Jan 2016).
      Die gute Nachricht ist, dass ihr nun gebührenfrei via PayPal spenden können müsstet.
      The nuts are refined! They take the coal!