Sticky Forum Rules

    My personal experience is that this
    forum degenerates more and more as we've currently no forum rules and
    thus a rather arbitrary warning system.
    In this thread you can inform
    yourself about how a good forum works and gains quality. Please take
    your time to read it all as many other forums are different.
    Make sure you start thinking before you post as this will be very important to not get several restrictions.
    going to make use of the forum's warning and infraction system. If you
    violate one of the rules below you'll get the amount of warning points
    denoted in square brackets.
    A warning usually lasts for 30 days, i.e.
    your warning points will decrease over time. So if you did a mistake
    there's no reason to cry or feel bad, just wait until your points go
    away by simply behaving well.
    The system may be changed of course.
    This is just the initial setting. It's mainly for testing purposes. It
    might get balanced according to the results of the following weeks.

    thread is split into five parts. The first part is this introduction
    here. The second part is a listing of the different warning levels and
    their consequences. The third part contains the actual forum rules. You
    can find information and explanations about some words and expressions
    in the fourth part and the last part contains some further tips.
    These parts may be extended from time to time.

    Level 1: Standard User
    0 to 59 points you're a normal user with no restrictions. That means,
    in fact, that you may commit up to five standard violations (those that
    give 10 points) within one month before anything happens.

    Level 2: User forced to think
    60 points on you're unable to edit your postings. This is on the one
    hand to prevent you from point 1i, on the other hand to force you to
    think before you post. You are not allowed to use exception 4a.
    may sound weird at first as users should learn to use the edit feature
    instead of producing follow-ups, but I think forbidding them both
    follow-ups and the edit feature will teach them to think before they
    post, which is one of the most important things in this forum.

    Level 3: Partially write-restricted User (1 day)
    80 to 89 points you'll get a write-restriction for 24 hours. That means
    you're only allowed to start new threads and post in threads started by
    you, but everything you post will need to get enabled by a moderator,
    before it appears.
    Bear in mind that you'll get warning points for
    rule violations anyway, even though your posts need to be examined by a

    Level 4: Partially write-restricted User (3 days)
    From 90 to 99 points. Like level 3, only thrice the duration.

    Level 5: Partially write-restricted User (7 days)
    From 100 to 149 points. Like level 4, only for a full week.

    Level 6: Read-only User (14 days)
    From 150 to 199 points. No write rights. Read-only! For two full weeks.

    Level 7: Read-only User (30 days)
    From 200 points on. Like level 6, only for 30 days.

    very short posts [10]
    smiley posts [10]
    chatlike behavior [10]
    posts and threads that make no sense [10]
    reactivating old and/or closed threads without a solid reason [10]
    flaming [10]
    redundant posts and threads [10]
    follow-ups [10]
    clearing or deleting a post or parts of a post that is/are already relevant for the context [50]
    moderation through users [10]
    posts containing porn, gore or illegal things [90]
    abuse of the report feature [10]

    thinking before posting
    searching for the subforum that fits best for a new thread

    reading and writing wherever you are able to do it
    participating at votes you are able to participate at

    follow-up is permitted, if the user has less than 60 warning points and
    the edit feature is unavailable, e.g. due to the post being not yet

    a follow-up is permitted, if it's required, e.g. to post a sequence of votes
    a follow-up is permitted, if a post's contents would exceed a post's maximal length

    What's a “very short post”?
    short post by Gusolina - use the Thankomat
    all posts except for AmnesiaHazex', Juanjo's and Cheetah's are spam - use the Thankomat
    post containing not more than e.g. “OK”, “lol”, “Thanks!”, “np”, “Good
    palyer!!1”, “Easy but hard map!”. Although such posts might express some
    kind of information they're mostly redundant and more annoying than
    helping. To thank somebody, to tell one that what they made is cool, to
    express that you find something funny, to agree with somebody or the
    like just use the Thankomat.

    What's a “smiley post”?
    short smiley posts by Kappa and Godlike46 - use the Thankomat
    post containing only smileys or also a very short post (see above) that
    contains mainly smileys. Even though smileys can express opinions and
    feelings as well one should consider writing some less ambivalent
    information in a text that says more than a few smileys.

    What's “chatlike behavior”?
    No examples yet. Keep it like that!
    as this forum was a chat. Actually, it isn't. We have a chat though so
    feel free to move chatlike discussions or conversations to our chat.
    Chatlike is when postings become shorter and/or more frequent. If you
    just posted something and (can) wait for a few minutes to reply to
    already submitted answers to your post and do that a few times in a row
    you're in fact chatting.
    Especially if the conversation eventually is
    only between two or three users and/or doesn't really progress one of
    the participants should post a last posting, in which they state that
    they're available in the chat to continue the discussion, if desired.

    When does a post make sense?
    it fits to the topic and context and contains non-redundant (thus new)
    relevant and/or wanted information. Also, of course, if it's written in
    an understandable language.

    When does a thread make sense?
    If it doesn't already exist and contains some information that is or could be interesting for the community.

    When is a thread old and what could be a solid reason to reactivate it?
    thread should considered to be old when there wasn't any new post since
    around one month. Examples for solid reasons to reactivate old threads
    would be an attempt to remind someone of a still unresolved issue that
    had been discussed once or the extension of a collecting thread like
    “Post your favorite YouTube videos”. There may be other solid reasons of
    course. If you're not sure, ask the Forumadministrator.

    What's “flaming”?
    Expression of aggression, including insults and the like. It's also kind of forbidden due to our clan rules.

    When is a post or thread redundant?
    Examples for redundant posts or threads:
    Kappa only quoted Bass' post - use the Thankomat
    Gingerbread wrote the same as AlcatraZ - use the Thankomat
    Pr0RaC3R and also Kappa wrote almost the same as F-22 - use the Thankomat
    it doesn't make sense (see above) or is a copy or at least mostly a
    copy of an already existing post or thread. This includes posts that
    mostly or only consist of (a) quote(s) of preceding posts.
    It's quite
    subjective, but a copy (also known as double-/triplepost/-thread) is
    always redundant, except for the case the copy was created to make the
    content available to other user groups or the original is already
    closed, but should be discussed again. These exceptions require a solid
    reason though.

    What's a “follow-up”?
    follow-up is a post by the same author as the one directly before. Use
    the edit feature to avoid such. Follow-ups are allowed, if not
    avoidable, see the exceptions section above.

    When is a post relevant for the context?
    If somebody already replied to it and/or later posts or threads already rely/base on the contents of the post.

    What's “moderation through users”?
    not Gingerbread's task
    a user warns another user as the latter has violated a rule. This also
    counts for threads that contain applications, requests or the like.
    These are to be answered and processed by authorized moderators only.
    You may of course post your opinion, as long as it doesn't end up in a
    (very) short posting (see above) or violates any other rule.

    When should I use the quote-feature?
    users use the quote-feature (almost) always when answering on a post. I
    don't know, why they do that. Maybe to let their post seem longer.
    your reply refers to the last post as a whole, don't use the
    quote-feature at all. Use it, if you refer to a specific sentence or
    part of a post and if you refer to an earlier post, but not the last
    You may also use the quote-feature to split a post into multiple parts and give a detailed answer to each part.
    free to cut irrelevant pieces out of a quote, but use [...] if you cut
    something out of a sentence or shortened it in any way. Also, if you
    inserted something, put it in square brackets as well to make that
    clear. Otherwise one could assume that you tried to trick the other
    users by lying about what the quoted user wrote.

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