Neon Fun Carball Server opened!

    Neon Fun Carball Server opened!

    Most players here will already know this Mode and here it comes as additional server of Neon Fun:

    For those who don't know what this is, it's basically Football with Cars ( :youdontsay: ) and:
    - 2 Teams with one goal
    - 1 Ball
    - Ball reflects from the fieldborders, so no throw-in and stuff like that
    - the team that has more goals after a specified time wins, else Golden Goal

    The server can be reached by:
    or just search for "Carball" in the masterlist

    The server itself has different Arena which you can join...

    ...or create an own one if you want to

    The game itself looks like this

    and furthermore a few players of Neon Fun have already made videos of this gamemode on Neon Fun (although these videos are abit old and a bit chaotic)

    So whoever wants to :gpgamer: just come and :kbgamer: