Sticky Application Guidelines and Q&A

      Application Guidelines and Q&A

      What is a Community Member?
      Taken from the official Neon Ranks thread (as of the 23rd September 2013):

      Neon Ranks/Secondary Ranks wrote:

      Community Member
      Who shows much interest or even engagement for the clan and likes to communicate with our members and therefore is already kind of a member of the community, may get accepted as Community Member by our members to profit from our general members' advantages.
      activity in the community
      interest in the clan
      election by Community Members
      Majority Rights:
      acceptance and exclusion of Community Members

      When can I apply?
      As soon as you want to, but only once a month. You can't. A current Community Member has to nominate you and start a vote for you.

      How can I apply?
      Start a new thread in this subforum. You can include any freeform text in your application. Just write something about yourself or why you want to become a Community Member. See answer above.

      What's going to happen after I applied someone started a vote for me?
      An Administrator will start a vote for you right below your application on the next Sunday, if there's nothing wrong with it. The Community Members will then have the possibility to vote for or against you over the following week.
      2/3 (rounded to the nearest integer) of all current Community Members votes need to vote be “Yes” for you to make you one of them.

      What's the point of this?
      To become a Member one once had to become Member of a Section. In order to achieve that they have to be active in that Section.
      Some Members once were active in one of our Sections. They've become a part of the community. Now they are not really interested in playing in the Section, but they'd like to stay as member of the community to be able to play from time to time, to participate at the forum or whatever.
      The Community Member rank is a chance for all those. In addition people that want to join the clan and fit into the community well without being active in any Section can become Community Members as well.

      What advantages do I have as a Community Member?
      You're a full Member of Neon, i.e. have the Member rank in the forum and you may use the [Ne] clantag everywhere - including our servers. You might also get some special rights on our servers (depending on the Section's rules and ranks).
      You don't have to be active on a gameserver, but only in the community, i.e. on the forum or in Mumble.

      So is there no possibility to be “inactive” as a Community Member?
      Yes, there is.
      If you're not active in any form (forum, Mumble, whatever) a Community Member may start a Kickvote against you. Again this vote requires 2/3 of all Community Members to vote votes to be “Yes” for a kick.

      Any further questions? Post them right here!
      The nuts are refined! They take the coal!

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