New empty section: Neon gaming

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      New empty section: Neon gaming

      So some might already know (probably the ones that have been on mumble yesterday) I had the idea to create a new section, an empty one though.
      The purpose is different than the other sections.
      Its just a way to make things easier to get the neon clan more close and more of a multigaming clan than it is right now.
      I would like to have an own sub forum where we can have threads about different games.
      It wont have real members and wont be official.
      Though I and Bass (as he will help and support me) will be the Section Leaders.

      I will use the Steam group to make events (which i already did) and will place all the events in the Neon gaming forum section as well.
      Want to create your own League of legends group (though i just created one:3), use the section for that.
      Want to discuss anything about games other than MTA or Minecraft? You can do it via the neon gaming section.

      I also want to use this to get people more into mumble, and this is just a guess but i think we already got more activity in mumble (though this is just an guess and hopefully it will become a fact).

      I cant promise it will work for 100%, but me with the help of Bass will definitely try.

      I already asked every Regular what they thought of it and i got the approval of all of them, i only havent asked Benne TJong yet.

      This cannot work without the Neon members, so please help me and Bass to make this section become really something!

      Ironorange wrote:

      It wont have real members and wont be official.
      If it's a Neon Empty Section legitimated by the Regulars it's official. Otherwise it's not a Section. :bean:
      From my point of view “official” describes in this clan's context something that has been approved by the clan or rather the people that are authorized to approve it for the clan (for a Section the Regulars are those).
      You wouldn't need anyone's permission for a simple group.

      So please decide whether it's a free-form group created, desinged and lead by you or a Neon Section. In the latter case, please provide us with the required information as defined in the Neon Ranks thread (under Section Ranks):
      one or more permanent main activities no other Section already has
      basic concept (Who? How? Whereby? Why?)
      name and sectiontag
      at least one Section Leader
      approval by Regulars
      The last point requires a poll in the internal Regular forum. Someone will start one, if you decide to request a Section.
      It will be a own section,
      It will be lead by me and Bass.

      Our main activities will be making events (mostly in the weekends) to play certain games with the clan (and maybe non members as well).
      For instance, this friday we will have a "zombie friday", in other words: A steam event where we all play left 4 dead with the members.

      Im hoping that in the near future we can get a server though im not sure of what game yet, i will have the community decide if hosting a server is possible.
      I think this section can be really great for the community members, especially those who do not have any kind of membership in the other sections.
      The section is still a bit of an experiment cause im not 100% what the neon clan will do with it.

      The section name would be: Neon Gaming. the Tagg, if [Ne] is not allowed, it would be: [NeG].

      I cant totally say how the system behind the section will be cause it depends on how the community and the neon members will act towards it and what they will do with it.

      I think the most important pros to this section would be:
      1) Becomming more of a multigaming clan
      2) Sharing servers that a Neon Member is hosting, for example Ginger has a own Dayz server (the arma II modded one, not the standalone) and can publish it in this section and by that add another game server to Neon Gaming. (though everyone needs permission from the Section Leaders and this is an idea and i do not know if this is acceptable by any Neon rules).
      3) More activity in mumble, i think and hope that this create more chances and reasons to use mumble more or just start using it.
      PLaying games with your fellow members is fun ofcourse, but talking with them (via mumble) is even more fun.(for most)
      4) Ofcourse, having planned gaming events attracts the attention of people and adds another extra to the Clan.
      It can be more than "just" Mta and Minecraft.

      I will be the Section leader and i asked Bass to help and support me with this (mainly due to his experience in leading a section, as im unexperienced and could use his help alot) and therefor he will also be the Seccond Section leader.

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      Sounds good.
      But if you really want to name it Neon Gaming, which might confuse the ones that still didn't get that our name changed from NeoN GaminG to Neon a few years ago, I'd recommend [Nga] as Section tag to be conform to the usual tag naming convention (Nm for Neon Mine, Nra for Neon Race (Nr was already taken by the Neon RPG Section and we don't reuse tags for other Sections to prevent confusion) or Nf for Neon Fun). Ng was once taken by NeoN GeneralS, a Command & Conquer Generals Section, but maybe we could reuse that one as it probably has never been used anywhere.
      [Ns] / [Nsu] / [Nsub] Neon Subgames.. it shows that it's about gaming but it's not the MAIN games what it's about (if some games become popular they can grow their own section for popular subgames

      Pipo wrote:

      :isee: :lol:

      Pipo wrote:

      :isee: :isee: :lol: :lol:

      Now the serious part:
      I think Subgames sounds weird. Maybe you should rather name it Neon Play, Neon Random, Neon Co-op, Neon Variety or the like. Or just let it be Neon Gaming or Neon Gaming Group or Neon Gaming Association (that sounds cool :bean: ).
      @ Firzen

      :pokerface: :pokerface: :pokerface: :pokerface: :pokerface:

      Nsu - Neon Social Underground :isee:

      [Nog] Neon other gaming

      [Ncg] Neon Community Gaming

      I think Neon Gaming as name for a subforum is a bit weird.. Should contain some kind of phrase about that section
      [Ngs]Neon gamestop
      I'm sorry I forgot about that. So the Regulars accepted the request for this new Section.
      If you're still interested in doing this, I'll write a news thread for it soon and make everything that's required.

      Please send me information about forum sections and/or Mumble channels and whatever else you need or would like to have.