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      New empty section: Neon GO

      Since a few of us are playing a lot of CSGO lately, I decided to request a CSGO server with an additional section.
      The server(s) will be hosted on the Neon root, the section will be called Neon GO and the tag will be [NeGO].
      Installing and Maintaining the server: Me
      Section Leader: Me

      Sectionstructure for now will be something like:
      • News & Updates
      • Discussion & Suggestions
      • Map voting (for adding or removing maps, I have to think through this once again)
      • Report a player
      • Ban appeal
      • Cases in process (staff only)
      Server ideas so far (may be changed):

      [EU] Neon GO Casual de_/cs_ Maps
      24 slots
      128 tick
      VAC secured
      Classic settings with some extra plugins
      20 rounds per map


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      SourceMod :
      SourceMod is server modification for any game that runs on the Half-Life 2 engine. It is a powerful, highly optimized platform for scripting plugins and handling server administration. The default package comes with a base set of plugins, but there are over 2,500 plugins in the community. -
      TL;DR: needed for SourceMod plugins

      Metamod: Source :
      Metamod:Source is a C++ plugin environment for Half-Life 2. It acts as a "metamod" which sits in between the Game and the Engine, and allows plugins to intercept calls that flow between. It provides a mechanism called SourceHook, a very powerful library for intercepting, overridding, and superseding virtual function calls. -
      TL;DR: needed for SourceMod

      Plugins for SourceMod:
      • VAC Status Checker : Checks if a player has already VAC bans on record and bans them immediately - hackers are not allowed on this Server.
      • Map Decals : For decorating maps with the Neon logo.
      • Damage Money: With this plugin, we can change the ammount of money per kill, add money on hits and set bonus money on a headshot.
      • CSS Bank : A bank where you can deposit, withdraw and transfer money. Idea for the future: connect the money somehow with the currency on the Neon MTA servers due to MySQL support.
      • Zeus Round : Warmup Round with a Zeus, new Zeus on kill and without respawn.
      • Maybe a rank/stats plugin
      • A plugin to limit certain weapons to a defined amount per team
      Map pool for the moment:
      • standart de_/cs_ maps
      • de_westwood_csgo (link)
      • de_favela (link)
      • cs_agency (link)
      • cs_downtown (link )

      If you want you can do something similair in the new Neon Gaming section, though i wont "combine" it nor would you get any real title, but smth like a CS:GO server (knowing there are some players in the community who often play it) and with you being the staff of it, is no problem (maybe something like a sub section where you can lead your CS:GO sub section and Bass and i help if needed or smth like that).
      Though ofcourse you can just stay with this and i will avoid the counter strike game in my section so yours will have more use.
      IF you liked my idea, just pm me about it.