League of Legends Team

      League of Legends Team

      So for some time now there has been a new LoL (League of Legends) group made by me (my name on Lol is Ironorange if you want to get an invite) and im joined by: Shex, Shox, Hons and smily. And probably Mattes as well whenever he gets to become lvl 30 :D.

      For now we havent done anything with it simply because we couldn't.
      But i wanted to do some rankeds with this team (as it is a ranked team) and see how far we can come.

      We will make days to come and play some lol (if we have enough members).

      For everyone who isn't to familiar with LoL, only those who are lvl 30 can join a Ranked team.
      The name of the group is: Neon League.
      Also this is a group in West and obviously you could only join if you play in west.

      Im thinking about creating a LoL Sub-Section in Neon Gaming, but thats something i have to decide on when i know it will be used. (or will have a good use).

      Gr, Iron ^^

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      I wanted to start playing LoL, but when I read this:

      Ironorange wrote:

      For everyone who isn't to familiar with LoL, only those who are lvl 30 can join a Ranked team.
      I already lose the interest. Sorry, but I would take me like forever, if I want to become lvl 30, first of all because I am not familiar with such games, but also because I just don't have that much time and 'cause I also want to play some other games than just LoL. But if you want to play some "normal" rounds with me, I will create an account at the weekend, just ask me for the name then.
      Well you can also play normall games though im not the best with new players.
      Its for a reason, if you aint lvl 30 you are basically a noob, and someone who is lvl 30 might have a hard time playing because you dont have the skills and experience yet.

      I dont know any game where this is different. (at least something similair).
      Lol is a game you should put time into else its not much fun (i think), so maybe its not "your" game, bass.

      But like i said you can just play normals and even with 3 friends or 4 (5 vs 5 is max).
      Oh im not going to take it that serious cause i dont see us comming very far anyway,
      Though if we would, we would probably take it more serious :P.

      Just give me you League name or just add me: Ironorange.
      It would be good if we know each others strengths to make the best team composition.

      For example me:

      Your main lane: Jungle
      Alternate lanes: Support, Mid
      Favorite champs: Vi, Kha'Zix, Ziggs, Thresh

      Would be nice of those who are playing LoL to say there strengths, too.
      Mid: Veigar, Annie, Lux, Brand, Cassiopeia (Prefer Annie or Cassiopeia)
      Top: Wukong (idk which champs i've got.. but there are atleast 2-3 more)
      if nothinf is left, i can also play support with leona or sona
      I don't like to play adc or jungle.
      " :wat: :trollface: :cry: :pondering: :sweetjesus: :pfftch: :rainbowpuke: :milk: :seriously: :rageface: :megusta: :fuckingkidding: :bitchplease: :youdontsay: :bean: :fuckyeah: :notbad: :challengeaccepted: :likeasir: :okay: :lol: :foreveralone: :yuno: :why: :pokerface: :no: :ilied: :genius: :allthethings: :iknowthatfeelbro: :pedo: "
      Prefer top the most after that im a good support and a decent mid.

      Favourite champ: Nidalee (cant remember the last time i lost my lane with her).
      Well champs top: volibear,pantheon,shyvana,garen,teemo,gangplank,nasus and some others as well :bitchplease:.

      If i had to choose one lane it would be top and after that mid or support.
      Support champs: blitzcrank,sona,soraka,janna,alistar.
      Mid champs: nidalee,ziggs,kassadin,nunu,sion (ap),akalai,ahri.

      I wouldn't say im a bad jungle but im not really someone to take that role in a ranked.
      Your main lane: Top

      Alternate lanes: Support, Mid

      Favorite champs: Top: Shyvana, Jax, Nasus
      Mid: Nidalee, Lux, Kha'zix
      Support: Blitzcrank

      I´m not the best player and it would be the best to put me on the top lane for the right-click battles... ye thats what shex thinks and a special .|. for him. Sometimes i play a good blitz too.
      I guess that if you are more new the best way is always support.
      Though its also one of the most underestimated lanes.

      But only a blitz as support wont work as he is always banned in bronze and silver.
      Main lane : Mid
      Champs : Main Lux since 2 years. I'm playing many champs, AD OR AP, like kha'zix, veigar, annie, brand, zed ,etc etc ..

      I can also play top, or adc, but i'm really better at mid.
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      - Diamond -
      I guess I will transfer to West tomorrow (Saturday) even though a couple of my friends are not willing too, but most are. Anyways here are my prefs

      Lanes from most played to least played
      1. ADC (Mostly preferred)
      2. MID (Enjoy)
      3. SUP (Interesting)
      4. TOP (Meh)
      5. Jungle (No idea what I'm doing)

      Top 5 Champs I play in those roles from most played to least played
      1. Caitlyn, Ashe, Twitch, Sivir, Varus
      2. Lux, Ryze, Syndra, Annie, Zyra
      3. Sona, Blitzcrank, Zyra, Nidalee, Lux
      4. Fiora, Teemo, Garen, Riven, Elise
      5. Elise, Fiddlesticks, Warwick, Master Yi

      Edit: Just transferred to West! Had to change my summoner name because I had an account on there with iShadowLTu already, so my summoner name now is iShadyLTu. Everyone add me!




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