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    How to make an Unban Request?

    Everyone got the right to write an unban request. If you think your ban was reasonless, unfair or you have a good reason to get unbanned, create an unban request like this scheme:
    Nick: Count von Count
    Serial: 12345678910123456789101234567891
    Admin / Member: Bass
    Date and time: 21st of December, 2012, 12:00 CET
    The reason was: I counted till ten.
    I want an unban, because: I love to count till ten. :why:
    How to find out your serial
    Go in MTA:SA and open your console ( [F8] )
    Type "serial" and press [Enter] -> now copy the line.

    Please fill in your information here! Write your answer after the [ /color ]!

    Copy this:

    Source Code

    1. [shadow=black][color=lawngreen][b]Nick:[/b][/color]
    2. [color=lawngreen][b]Serial:[/b][/color]
    3. [color=lawngreen][b]Admin / Member:[/b][/color]
    4. [color=lawngreen][b]Date and time:[/b][/color]
    5. [color=lawngreen][b]The reason was:[/b][/color]
    6. [color=lawngreen][b]I want an unban, because:[/b][/color]

    IMPORTANT: If your unban request gets declined, you may try it again after two weeks.

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