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      Request new section for NEON

      Good afternoon Neon,

      Today i would like to ask you something.

      I would like to know if it's possible to make an own section for Neon:RPG.

      My friend and i are making a RPG server and we spoke with Tjong about it if it's good that we can create it for Neon.

      Currently we are working under the name Project Neon and we are almost done with our Version 0.5.

      I would be glad if we could get our own section for it and if the Neon Regulars agree with that.

      Of course, if the regulars vote NO and don't want the RPG, we change the name of it as Neon:RPG is still an unofficial name.

      If we could get this forum is it then possible to that my friend and i get Section Leader of it?

      I hope you all like the idea and please leave in a reply below if you like the idea to start again a Neon:RPG server.





      If we will get it, we would like to get the following sections:

      News & Updates

      Applications Office

      Gangs & Squads

      Server scripting & Mapping suggestions

      These are just the big ones, as we would like to get sub forums in these too.
      1. It might be a good idea to make a test server, be it a home server or maybe one of the Associates would open one (I won't), so our Regulars and Members could have a look at the features and so on. Otherwise I think we all won't have anything to base our decisions upon so it'd probably end in a no.
      2. I personally would not give you the name Neon RPG (because of history). Please think of something different (I think the other Regulars will agree with me in this point). E.g. Neon Gangs'n'Squads.
      If it's a roleplay about/with gangs and squads, it's not a roleplay how most of our Regulars would define it anyway, so Neon Gangs'n'Squads would be quite accurate. Also you could just rename it once you can think of something better and it's running well. I wouldn't want to waste a good and short name like Neon City or the like for a project that falls apart right after it started so I'd suggest you prove that it doesn't first and after that I'd agree in giving it a good name.
      how about :
      Neon Roleplay
      Neon royal play
      Neon loyal
      Neon Life
      Neon Live
      Neon Livinghood
      Neon worldcity :trollface:
      Neon role

      again shitnames but maybe it gives u guys some inspiration :bitchplease: