Application by Nemo

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    Application by Nemo

    Hai, I want to app as a CMe, accept pl0x!11
    Everyone knows that I'm a friendly guy who loves to communicate with other guys. I use mumble very rarely but I hope that will change. I want to become a Community Member because I changed my behaviour, I like to talk with members and palys and I like this community. Writing something about my MTA Career is really useless because I wrote already in my United App and in previous apps for CMe. I'm active, not the most active but I'd say an average paly. Just to mention, I'm still interested in playing MTA and being in this clan. I hope this app is long enough, if you have more questions you shall ask.




    F-22 suck :seriously:
    You meet the requirements. A vote got started for you and will last 7 days during which community members will vote and decide if you should get accepted or not. You will get the result at the 14th of March, 2014, 21:00 CET. Good luck!

    Since the vote was over in March, I asked Nemo if he still wants to become a Community Member (wouldn't make sense, if he does not want to). Well, he doesn't want to be a Community Member, which means this can be closed.

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